Studio Life


Hella busy, hella tired!!! I’m working on it full steam ahead. They say the only way to play is hard (pause) or go home. Well, we are here to play!!!

My dude Al One came back through to the studio to lay down his pilot verse. He seems to be enjoying getting back into music mode. I told him how his coming through has really made an impression on Un which is much needed to get the ball rolling even faster.

Not to mention, having these guys come by is therapeutic for me because at the moment my emotions are a little worked up. It’s nice to be able to focus my attention on something positive until I’ve completely come to grips with the BS.

Tonight may be the first time I actually get good rest all this week. My crew has me working my brain trying to make sure I can achieve the goal at hand. I don’t have time to make any mistakes!

Like I said I’m going to be a busy man this year. Oh, I almost forgot I also have a leak for y’all to get! I’m guessing a little later today it should be on the net. I will keep those interested in it in the loop to find it. No worries!!!!


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