Step It Up

This is a post that may or may not pertain to the average listener of music. Then again it might!

Anyway here goes….

The music that they play on the radio sucks!!! I’m guessing plenty people already know this but for the sake of this post I’m going to act as if I’m the only genius to figure that out.

Don’t get me wrong every now and again I hear something I like but it’s the equivalent of Halley’s Comet. The music that you hear the majority of the time sounds the same as the song that was played just before it. It’s funny to me….all I can do is shake my head and say….damn!!!!

It’s to be expected of rap music….to me anyways, but it’s a shame when people who sing sound the same. I blame a lot of that on auto tune which I don’t have a problem with when it’s used correctly. What gets to me is you can longer tell if people can really sing.

My question is……who will the new generation have to look at and say that artist was amazing. You have Rihanna who will always remain to be more of a performing artist and that’s about it.

Kiddies follow me for moment!!!

My generation contributed to music and gave these artist!!!!


Mary J. Blige


Ms. Badu


Jill Scott






R. Kelly

This isn’t even all of the legends from my era and that’s the sad part. I had the chance to grow up with these artist.

Yeah, I know I know!!! People are going to say Beyonce! However she still falls into my era we witnessed her back in the day with Destiny’s Child. Now if I recall correctly they came out as the golden era of hip hop began to end. So no….sorry…we have her as well.

Young folk who in the world are y’all going call legendary for the era we are in now!!!!

All y’all have is Rihanna and that’s why the music is horrible now. She is talented and she deserves her spot in the music world and I love her (sometimes). However, she has no competition… all. We all know competition is needed to make anything great. Without the inspiration that competition makes things get stagnant, redundant, etc. I need for y’all to do better and start producing more talent rather than copy each other.

I’m done…


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