No More Excuses

I’m on that ish again! I chopped it up with a fellow hip hopper and an old school friend about some things and I’m on some ish again.

It got me motivated a little. Ya know what I mean?

No more excuses and pretty much no more sleep. It’s going to be a bumpy ride but I’m ready.

Oh, Blog Goblin Vol 2 is done….well..kinda sorta! I’d tell you why it isn’t but that would be an excuse! So…….

Nah….it’s done!!! I spent all night mixing it to only wake up and transfer the wrong file to my phone so I can’t hear the final version to make sure its ready!!!

I’m sure it’s ready….but I might’ve saved over the final mix like a jack ass!!!!

Luckily, if my spidey senses are correct I have a back up!!! I hope!!! We will see!!!!

Either way it’s all good! I have a date with the hustle tonight. I’m going to see my dude Fat Rat do his thing tonight and I’m going to have the Mixtape to support the grind.

No more excuses!!!

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