Inspiration From the Heart


Something special is in the air. I’m in the final stages of finishing my album and I’m pretty happy about having another chapter to my life closing to open up for the new.

The past couple of days have been nice….or I should say beautifully perfect. Yeah I like that better!!! I’ve found something that has sparked a new sense of being. Something that has given me power….or at least something that made me realize my potential power.

Funny thing is it has nothing to do with my music yet I can already tell it has always been just as important to me as my music. I don’t remember losing it but I do remember finding it for the first time. Maybe…….I never lost it. All I know is I’m glad that I realize that it means a lot.

Never give up!!!! This is life so live it and love it. Seek and find it…get it and hold on!!!!


My retired record wall is looking pretty good. All these albums are casualties of war!!!!

Peace!!! Stay Up!!!

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