Wattup! I’ve been ghost I know, I know. There has been a whole lot going on with me, my album, my car, my life, and just dealing with people in general.

Life isn’t easy, and that’s a lesson I’ve learned over and over again. To be honest I don’t think life would be any fun if you didn’t have trials and tribulations.

Unlike before though, I’ve decided that a lot of things don’t matter in life. You look at the big picture every once in a while when life forces you to. It’s cool to take a break from trying to examine all the details and just let it go.

I don’t even know how to put it anymore. You try and you fail….an it gets old after a while! I’ve got a new attitude…I can’t afford to take those loses anymore.

The past few weeks I’ve put myself in a better space and I plan to stay there! You learn you can’t let opinions determine who you really are! You have to know who you are and if people judge, which they will, you have to stay focused on knowing the truth to yourself. You can’t argue with foolishness because it’ll pull you in and lead to confusion.

On that note….it’s all love!!!!

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