I Still Love H.E.R.

I’m not the most righteous man in the world and I wouldn’t try to take such a stance to say that I am. I am however, a man built on morals that are based solely on right and wrong. Through those morals I see with eyes that can at times be a little unforgiving in terms of things that are dear to me. One of those things happens to be the culture if Hip Hop.

Some people don’t understand the nature of this culture and in all honesty maybe I am the one who doesn’t understand. I see so many positive things in this art form from expression, freedom, honesty, and inspiration. Of course, we could bring up all the negativity that surrounds it but I won’t do that in this post. I’ll explain why a little later.

This culture has grown to unify the world in ways similar to religion. People who didn’t witness it’s birth first hand witnessed it migrate to their area and influence their surroundings. People who spoke other languages in different countries witnessed it travel to them and influence their culture as well. By doing so it made people of various backgrounds have a common interest which in turn broke down the barriers that separated us. In other words it unified a world of people in a matter of decades and gave us something we could all relate to.

The small, less fortunate guy, was able to have a voice. Through that voice it didn’t matter if the big guy heard the cries of injustice. As long as the voice reached other less fortunate people that was all that mattered. It rallied all the have nots together and unified a million voices into one large sound so that the big man had no choice but to listen. Once the big man heard a million different cries things began to change.

That is why this culture is so important to me and many others. We appreciate what it has done for us on so many different levels that it is hard to imagine what the world would be like had this culture not invaded the minds of the people of the world. For this moment I would just like to reflect on the positive and not the negative as many of us do from time to time. Rather than say what is wrong with culture lets focus on the good and maybe….just maybe….the positive will overpower the negative.

This isn’t a post about me being right but more so a post of just a thought that I wanted to share. No worries though, I’m sure one day I will speak on the negative, but today is not that day!!!!

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