New Beginning


What’s good world?

It’s been a lot of issues in the world as of lately. In America you have the Zimmerman trial causing a ruckus amongst the the natives. Across the world you have Egypt going through turmoil and it’s way deeper than just saying ruckus with their issues. It’s serious over there!!!

Anyways, as I lately I have been learning how to work reason and in all honesty it’s very easy. I know it’s a turn of events on my behalf because I’ve spent the last year working on an album that has now fallen into purgatory. Hey, what can I say? Things happen!

You live and you learn and hopefully move on. At this point I have a couple of things going on but for the most part I’ve decided that doing music as of right now might be better if I do it by myself versus getting help. It eliminates the misunderstandings and puts total blame on just me so I know where the problem lies.

I know what I’m shooting for so stay tuned!!!! iTunes here I come!!!! For the moment I’m concentrating on sample free music so let us see what I can come up with!!!

Well, that’s about it!!!!

Stay tuned!!!



Reflecting on shining…..ha ha!!!!

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