Growth is inevitable to all things that share this great gift called life. Even lifeless elements are subject to change. It’s just a natural part of life that we all have to deal with.

For me this change came suddenly when I realized a couple of things. The first is where I wanted to be in life in the future. The second was where I am at the current moment. Once I aligned the two together I saw clearly some things that I had turned a blind eye to for years and I concluded that I had an issue to address. So I did!!!!

Learning to be comfortable in your own skin requires years of growth and understanding yourself. Whenever you learn to do so other people’s opinions no longer matter. Trust me, I’ve been called all sorts of names and given all sorts of attributes by people I have known because I am comfortable being me.

When you grow in this manner you may find it necessary to also let go of certain things. It’s all a process that becomes clear when you try to align yourself with people who are successful at whatever it is you have set a goal for. It isn’t easy and it never will be. If you don’t try you’ll never know.

With that being said I’ve decided to partner up with someone who has been trying to work with me for a while now. I’ll give credit where credit is due….he has accomplished more than I have so that is a good start. I know one things for sure……failure has never been an option. If you find yourself amongst people who don’t fully understand how you as an individual functions…..make a change and change your support system!!!

Adios, homeboys!!!!

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