Rest in power pretty lady!!!

You couldn’t tell me anything about Aaliyah. She was a big influence over me and my music though we are worlds apart as far as what we do. She sings….I write rhymes. She’s R&B…..I’m Hip Hop.

Deep down the two genres are like a brother/sister relation so we coexist to some degree. The deal with her inspiration as far as I was concerned was I’m sure I was like every other young black male on the planet……we all wanted to make her our girl.

For me that was all it took. I knew if I wanted her (and I did) I was going to have to put myself in a position to not be a fan but to be her peer.

Somewhere deep down I knew I would make it doing something in music whether it was recording, writing, or producing. I knew I had to if I had any dream of meeting her! That’s how she inspired me….she gave me a dream of meeting her and I could only do it if I did my thing.

I would’ve never guessed that it wasn’t going to become a reality and her life would be cut so short. Nevertheless, she did a lot for everyone who witnessed her life and she did it all with class.

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