Close Call

What’s good world!!! Nothing but life over here. I’ve been a busy busy man lately doing what I do. I went to watch my pops sing which was all good!

Now on my return trip things got a little bit interesting. Heading back home my car hydroplaned and came to a stop with the rear wheels getting bogged in on the shoulder of the road. After hopping out relieved that I managed to regain control over the car without touching a thing other than tall grass, I called a tow truck and waited.

Once they got me out I prepared to go home and as I crank my car I noticed a look of shock on the tow men’s faces. It’s kind of hard to explain but deep down all I could think was another car was losing control. I heard tires screeching and happened to glance in my rear view to see a Tahoe spinning past my car missing it by maybe five feet. Needless to say, that driver and her car went all the way in the ditch.

As I spent all day reflecting how I could’ve been seriously hurt or worse not even alive a lot has crossed my mind. The kicker to this whole weekend is I found out a friend of mine lost his life early this morning in a motorcycle accident. Now I’m just reflecting, thinking how I was spared and he wasn’t.

Life is short folks!!!

Cherish the people you love because just like that….

It’s over!!!

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