Sometimes I just want to get away from all the things I know. I think it’s just a need to reboot and forget a lot of the things that cause any sort of turmoil in my life.

People are funny to me. They always seemed to have a way to only care about what they want, which I guess is good for survival, not so much so for nurturing relationships. Try asking how someone is doing and is everything cool before you begin to try to push someone in a corner to prove a point that really is of no matter.

The last few weeks have been mentally exhausting for me with a few sprinkles of success here and there. My dude Sonny slid through and dropped a verse on this project that I’m releasing….so that’s a win. I finally got my car back up to par and looking decent…..that’s a win!!! Most importantly I spoke with my daughter for the first time in a couple of months….that’s the greatest thing I’ve had happen lately.

Speaking to her changed my entire outlook on a lot of things needless to say. In closing, have a heart because you never know what someone goes through. Try understanding for a change because people really get tired of hearing about their flaws when the only reason their flaw was brought up was to prove a meaningless point.

Life’s too short….don’t push people over the edge!!!

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