Peace Is Always the Best Choice!!!

Learning to be completely free from all negativity seems to be something that will never truly be a reality. It’s inevitable!!!!

So all we can do as people is try your best to handle the situation properly. You must be able to predict that ultimately the issue at hand is going to end up causing more of a problem than a solution. You must be willing to sacrifice something to in order to gain your goal with as little resistance as possible.

This is a teaching of war as well as life. If you aren’t prepared for a fight it is best to avoid it completely. If you are ready for war you still may wish to reserve your fight for another day.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. As I have grown older I find it wise to keep peace alive and defuse the attitude of negativity because you never completely gain. You will lose something!!! Whatever that may be….the question is…..

Was it worth it!!!

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