Miserable Folks

Misery loves company!!!!!

That’s what the old saying says. Learning to identify miserable people and staying clear of them eliminates a lot of unnecessary stress in your life. No matter how much you care for someone you have to realize when misery has control over them there is little you can do.

They are miserable and their misery doesn’t deserve your company!!!!!

You can never gain anything positive from such negativity for all it does is wear you down and frustrate you.

I swear I need new people in my life because I’m beginning to see I’m not as smart as I once thought for entertaining such foolishness. Indirectly, that makes me the bigger fool for tolerating such behavior.

All the successful people of the world are happy. Primarily, it’s due to the people they surround themselves with. I’m not referring to wealth when I say successful either. I’m speaking of success in a manner that equates to accomplishing goals and doing what makes you happy.

Anyways, I’m done venting!!!!

If you are miserable you have no need in my circle!!!

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