Show Time

My previous post was inspired by what many would consider a big deal in the city I live in.  Many people hoped that they would witness the group Beat Junction Project assemble and rock a show once again.  Well, we did!!!

The greatest part of performing for me is getting over the butterflies and finding a way to do what I call “spazzing out”.  I’m normally a very reserved person who suffers from a little  social anxiety.  I actually hate being in the spotlight.  However, I enjoy music.  I enjoy reciting what I wrote.  I enjoy passing the energy of my emotions to whoever stands in front of the stage.  Still, I’m nervous the entire time.

Spazzing out is the point in which I clearly remember laying the vocals down perfectly when I recorded the music.  It’s like I visit the past and everything in the moment fades away.  The anxiety, the nervousness, the fear of forgetting the lyrics.  It all disappears and I enter a comfort zone where all I can feel is the energy of my own emotions.

Whenever I reach that point…..I know we are about to do our thing because it almost seems as if we all in sync.

We did our thing!!!  Surprising everyone who came to see us do what we do.  It’s been ten years since we did it, but it didn’t matter.  We knocked the dust off and proceeded as if we never stopped!

Anyways,  we reunited and now the people want more.  Eh…..maybe I should say the people expect more.

Shout out to all the groups that came to add on to the energy.  Some I had never seen before and the others helped to build the hip hop community around the area. 


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