Baby Steps

Never forget what you knew as a baby.  

Life constantly shows you something new.  No matter how old we get we are always witnessing something we have never seen before.  If you aren’t using your five senses daily and noticing something new then you have forgotten quite possibly one of the first lessons you learned.

What might that be…

As a baby you were smart enough to know that you knew nothing.  So you paid close attention to everything in order to gain an understanding of what you sensed.  Even if you didn’t understand it didn’t matter. Your determination to achieve that understanding was greater than giving up.

As a baby, knowing that you knew nothing but wished to know everything was a big motivating factor in growth and development. The only way to know everything you could is by being patient and learning.  We were born to learn and to try.  Sometimes you learned about success other times you learned of failure.  In either case patience played a big part in learning.

So be patient and know that your never too old to learn about something new.  Have the open mindedness to be aware that you don’t know it all.

Be like a baby!!!

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