I am a music producer from South Carolina. I have produced songs for many artists in my region. Some have gone on to sign recording contracts others have given up on the path to being successful in the music industry. I however, feel no need to give up on a dream that has eluded me in some ways but somehow remains to be a part of my life in other.

Let me warn you though, I am not your typical producer. I refined my talents at a young age in the songwriting department. To be honest I started with poetry first. As I took notice to people finding my writings of decent quality I began to take it serious and explore my artistic ability and it became a passion. Might I add, I was also a huge fan of graffiti which drew me into the hip hop culture and the rest is history.

I learned to produce, write songs, and record out of a necessity to get these creative ideas to turn into a reality. Along the way I have learned tons of good information concerning developing artists and music industry in general. Now having the experience and wisdom it takes to succeed I have decided to go full steam ahead with the dreams I have and carve a space in the world with my artwork known as music.

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