Look Forward

Part of achieving goals is the ability to see into the future.  To know what you what you wish to gain and to be able to see it unfold from the present time into the future is a skill we must all learn.

Everything we do now is related to what will be.  If we invest time wisely, the future will show the fruits of your labor in a positive manner.  Should we neglect wisdom…well it’s obviously not the smartest decision.

That’s where I’m at.

Trying to see the future clearly and navigate my way to success.  Making music has always been easy for me.  The hard part has always been predicting what happens before it does.  Seeing what you will need to avoid and planning to maneuver around obstacles you have yet to encounter can make all the difference when striving to see your goal…..


Show Time

My previous post was inspired by what many would consider a big deal in the city I live in.  Many people hoped that they would witness the group Beat Junction Project assemble and rock a show once again.  Well, we did!!!

The greatest part of performing for me is getting over the butterflies and finding a way to do what I call “spazzing out”.  I’m normally a very reserved person who suffers from a little  social anxiety.  I actually hate being in the spotlight.  However, I enjoy music.  I enjoy reciting what I wrote.  I enjoy passing the energy of my emotions to whoever stands in front of the stage.  Still, I’m nervous the entire time.

Spazzing out is the point in which I clearly remember laying the vocals down perfectly when I recorded the music.  It’s like I visit the past and everything in the moment fades away.  The anxiety, the nervousness, the fear of forgetting the lyrics.  It all disappears and I enter a comfort zone where all I can feel is the energy of my own emotions.

Whenever I reach that point…..I know we are about to do our thing because it almost seems as if we all in sync.

We did our thing!!!  Surprising everyone who came to see us do what we do.  It’s been ten years since we did it, but it didn’t matter.  We knocked the dust off and proceeded as if we never stopped!

Anyways,  we reunited and now the people want more.  Eh…..maybe I should say the people expect more.

Shout out to all the groups that came to add on to the energy.  Some I had never seen before and the others helped to build the hip hop community around the area. 


Back to Grinding




It’s definitely been a while since I last posted anything to my blog since I’ve been doing a great deal of soul searching.  I guess I have been more focused on doing things the way they should be done so that it all flows together smoothly.

With that being said, I’ve started to feel the urge to dive back into my music.  I had to take a break to feel fresh again.  I needed to rediscover the thing that made me feel alive for so many years.

That thing was being able to produce.  I believe I reached a peak in my creative space and really needed a new piece of gear that brought everything back to a point where I was highly motivated to do what I do.

While searching the web I discovered this little thing.  Tascam’s DP-008.   A very portable digital 8 track recorder with limited (but good enough) eq, compression, and reverb.  Most of which would only be used as a reference since I would do my final edits and mixes in software.

This little guy also has two small condenser mic’s built into it.  From what I’ve witnessed on line people have said the mics work pretty good.  The recorder also works with batteries so there really are some applications this recorder would excel in.

Long story short, with this portable unit I can easily collaborate with other artists when they can’t make it to me.  I’ll just take it to them plug them in and press record.  This is something technology has provided that I intend to take full advantage of.

The possibilities are endless.

The Get Back

Ahhhhhhh man!!!!

I’ve been under the weather for the past week so I’ve done nothing except lay low and work on recovering.

Enough about that though!

Stay tuned because the releasing of music is about to go full steam ahead!!!

I played with the idea of packaging these releases but there is no structure to these songs so I won’t. I’ll just throw them out there and see what happens.

Sorry for such a vague post….but that’s all I have for the moment!!!

Stay up!!!!



As luck would have it I’ve rediscovered something that I longed to have again. That special something is the last batch of beats I cooked up on the ASR-X.

Some of these beats I’ve been wanting to hear for years now. I would like to say I did these maybe in like 2004 or 2005. Seeing as that they are as old as they are I’m going to treat you folks to it.

Stay tuned….

This year is looking quite nice for my spring set up!!!

World Affair

What’s good world?

Last night was a draining process of dumping tracks to “World Affair”, the latest song I’ve been working on. I’ll be the first to admit if you don’t get proper rest, forget about it.

I struggled transferring the files to Reaper and a couple of them didn’t transfer properly for some reason are another. I was too tired to even begin to try to figure out what the issue was so I just saved the project as is.

My game plan was to at least start dropping vocals and see if the song was heading the right direction.

That wasn’t happening!!!!

So today I’ll finish what I started and honestly…..

I can’t wait!!!

Dat all…

I’m out!!!

Promo Campaign

What up world! I haven’t even been on my blog game like I should be but life is life and sometimes you just have to take a break. Everything is cool I’m just needing to see what direction things are heading.

I’ve been busy recording and refining my engineering skills on Reaper. I needed the practice because now I’ve got a deadline to meet by November 13th. The company I run with, Never So Deep, is wanting to run a promo campaign and I have to come up with five songs. Which really isn’t that bad because I know I can do that with ease.

Tonight I’ll be knocking out the first song…..

It’s called World Affair….

That’s all for now….

Stay up!!!



I must confess I’m disappointing myself for not staying on my blogging as I should but this is life!!! Right?

Anyways, I released a song that I produced for Swig yesterday and so far we’ve gotten nothing but love from those who listened to it. I know he’s amped by all of the attention he’s getting from folks he knows personally but had no idea that he even made music.

How’s that for inspiration?

It’s still a ton of work to get done and time hasn’t been on my side but the beat project is done. Now it’s on to phase two for him and I get to go back to phase one and see what else I can cook up!!!

Stay tuned!!!


The Struggle

Working, working, working!

I’m working on this beat project and the beat project is working my nerves. This is my last day I’m going to work on it. I have two tracks on it that are throwing my mojo off.

One is just a minor adjustment I’m hoping and the other I just need to put another kick in place of the one currently on it.

It’s been a long three weeks getting this joint right and even when I release it I’m sure I’ll still find something wrong.


If it comes easy it ain’t worth it!!!!