New Year No Resolutions

People have a strange way of thinking the feeling of something new will remain for some time. With the beginning of a new year people promise to do this and that and usually fall short of many of the goals they have set for themselves.

I’ve never been one to create resolutions because I know I backslide and I have no problem with being honest. Considering how last year was I’m already on a better path to doing what I enjoy doing most……whatever that may be!

Life is full of surprises, stepping stones, and mile stones so I’ve grown use to that. Just know this much….

I had to take a break and figure some things out. I had to evaluate some relationships I had and learn to let them go because they were no good to my well being. No good for my growth.

That’s the harsh reality of the world….nothing last forever so to hell with it.

This is a new me….a side very few people see. The true me.

So with that being said here’s to life and a new year with no resolutions.

Stay up….


The Get Back

Ahhhhhhh man!!!!

I’ve been under the weather for the past week so I’ve done nothing except lay low and work on recovering.

Enough about that though!

Stay tuned because the releasing of music is about to go full steam ahead!!!

I played with the idea of packaging these releases but there is no structure to these songs so I won’t. I’ll just throw them out there and see what happens.

Sorry for such a vague post….but that’s all I have for the moment!!!

Stay up!!!!


I’m Just Doing My Job…Nothing Special

I was told I was special due to the wonderful gift of creating music to which I humbly declined in acceptance.

I’m not special for doing something that is hardwired in my DNA. My pops is good at making music as his father before him. Simply put….I had the tools and the inspiration to create music from birth. Maybe, the life I was given was a special one….

I’ll accept that!!!

However….what I do doesn’t make me special. There are millions of artist out here in the world that offer a look into the mind of an observer who interprets life and gives back my sharing their outlook.

Maybe some songs I create are special…..I’ll accept that!!!

But me as an individual, I don’t feel anymore special than the next person. I’m here for a reason as we all are….maybe the reason I’m here is special!!!


Not me!!!

I’m just doing my job!!!

Get a Life

It’s been a minute since my last post and I know I need to do better but I needed a break. I needed a little time to let the brain marinate….if you will!!!!!
A little time to ponder and gather my thoughts to see if I’m living in a fantasy or the real world.

Don’t think that I have an answer because I don’t. Maybe it was just wasted time ….who knows?
whatever the answer it felt good doing absolutely nothing.

Through it all the one thing I did learn is I have to get my ass out of the studio. I love it but it has become a creative prison for me. It’s all I have ever done for the past twenty years and it doesn’t exactly give you much of a social life.

No worries..,,that’s about to change!!!!


It’s been a minute since I last blogged anything and in unsure as to why…other than I guess lack of motivation. These are the ups and downs of your craft in your artwork I guess!

Anyways…it’s a lot going on with the kid!!! Just trying to find that mojo point again…we all lose it from time to time!!!

I’ve been having crazy dreams lately. It’s like my heart is trying to tell me something!!!

Anyways….this is what that dream was feeling like!!!

I guess maybe I should listen!!!


Sometimes I just want to get away from all the things I know. I think it’s just a need to reboot and forget a lot of the things that cause any sort of turmoil in my life.

People are funny to me. They always seemed to have a way to only care about what they want, which I guess is good for survival, not so much so for nurturing relationships. Try asking how someone is doing and is everything cool before you begin to try to push someone in a corner to prove a point that really is of no matter.

The last few weeks have been mentally exhausting for me with a few sprinkles of success here and there. My dude Sonny slid through and dropped a verse on this project that I’m releasing….so that’s a win. I finally got my car back up to par and looking decent…..that’s a win!!! Most importantly I spoke with my daughter for the first time in a couple of months….that’s the greatest thing I’ve had happen lately.

Speaking to her changed my entire outlook on a lot of things needless to say. In closing, have a heart because you never know what someone goes through. Try understanding for a change because people really get tired of hearing about their flaws when the only reason their flaw was brought up was to prove a meaningless point.

Life’s too short….don’t push people over the edge!!!

Moving Along

Clear your head from time to time. Clean out all the things that cause confusion in your life.

I may have failed before and I may fail again….but now I know what to do and what not to do. I’ve realized that I’ve gained more than I lost and now it’s time to move forward in life.

Yep!!!! Today’s my birthday!!!!

I feel renewed….

And the kid has bigs plans!!!!

Close Call

What’s good world!!! Nothing but life over here. I’ve been a busy busy man lately doing what I do. I went to watch my pops sing which was all good!

Now on my return trip things got a little bit interesting. Heading back home my car hydroplaned and came to a stop with the rear wheels getting bogged in on the shoulder of the road. After hopping out relieved that I managed to regain control over the car without touching a thing other than tall grass, I called a tow truck and waited.

Once they got me out I prepared to go home and as I crank my car I noticed a look of shock on the tow men’s faces. It’s kind of hard to explain but deep down all I could think was another car was losing control. I heard tires screeching and happened to glance in my rear view to see a Tahoe spinning past my car missing it by maybe five feet. Needless to say, that driver and her car went all the way in the ditch.

As I spent all day reflecting how I could’ve been seriously hurt or worse not even alive a lot has crossed my mind. The kicker to this whole weekend is I found out a friend of mine lost his life early this morning in a motorcycle accident. Now I’m just reflecting, thinking how I was spared and he wasn’t.

Life is short folks!!!

Cherish the people you love because just like that….

It’s over!!!

Late nights

What’s up world?

You ever felt like your mind was running a million different places at once!!! That’s how I feel at the moment. Nonetheless, I’m working at the moment. Laying down the tracks for the beat project to track it out.

Funny thing is….I can’t track it because I burned my last CD yesterday to ride with it to the Mayweather fight. So what else is new. I’m digging it though!!!

As I sent and listen to it I zone and my wonders so many different places . Just the ability to touch people with music makes me a happier person. I just can’t wait to get the chance…..hopefully.

Hard work, right!!!!

That’s what they say……

……the sacrifices one makes to chase a dream!!!!

Stay up!!!!


Mixing!!!! (What else is new)

What’s goody world!!!

I’ve been busy putting in work on the beat project. I’m pleased with the line up so I feel good!!! At the moment I’m rendering the songs that are going to be featured.

Soon as this is done I gotta submit the next release to Bless.

Busy dude!!! Even after that I got beat submissions to work on….more on that later.

I’m out…..going to watch the Mayweather fight with my folk!!