New Start


Change is good is what people always say.  I say I have always hated it, nothing will ever change that.  I do however embrace it since it is inevitable to say the least.

We will see!!!!  


Always be tactful when dealing with others.  Especially if it is a relationship you wish to nurture.  You should always wish to be in a better position with someone in the future by focusing on accomplishing short term goals.  Being tactful allows you to gain advantages that are well worth the extra thought.

Never commit to action without thinking…be tactful!!!

No Worries

I struggle like the next person to gain a hold of life while making everyday count.  There’s nothing like the satisfaction of living everyday to the fullest.  Realizing that each day brings you the feeling of accomplishment.

I’ve been gone for a minute. Evaluating my life and trying to figure out where I’m heading.  I’m not sure I have all the answers but it’s a fun journey nonetheless.   Especially when you consider not knowing is sometimes a good thing.  

It’s almost as if your free in some sense.  Free from the bindings of expectations and hustle of the everyday struggle where we scurry from one task to the next.  So caught up in what we have to do that we forget to just enjoy what we have done.   

Then the little light goes off…..

“What do I enjoy doing?”

Answer:  What I’ve always done!!!

Live life!!!!


I’m so lost in my own emotions at the moment. All kinds of craziness runs through my head.

A good kinda crazy though!!!

Long story short, life’s weird. You spend time getting to know people to learn that they ain’t what you thought they were. Then again, I don’t really think much of folk too much anyways.

I love em and deal with em however I can and just mash on through it all. I can just pass by em and not say a word. Not because I’m mad or in my feelings….

Simply because I ain’t got nothing to say!