Eye Candy



Update it has been speculated that photoshop contributed to this rare occasion of thick thighs. Upon studying this image there is a look of photo shop…I dunno!!!



Back At It

Wattup world! Nothing like a little sunshine to brighten your day and we really needed it in my neck of the woods. It’s done nothing but rain for the past few days and on the days it didn’t it was cloudy and cold. When the weather is like that I must admit, I do absolutely nothing. I need to work on that!

In other news, everything is everything. Un stopped by the studio to work on some music and even brought one of our peoples with him to document the session. So we are making some progress and I’m loving that truth to the max!!!

Get ready world!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention Blog Goblin Vol 2 is about to drop so be sure to get that…ya heard!!!

For you hip hop lovers you already know that hip hop and women coexist!! With that said….


Jenni Lynn styling some very fly lingerie!!!!



Eye Candy


Today is a good day!!!! Let me share some beauty with y’all…..she’sAmazing!!!!!


I’m a huge fan of lips…besides she is so so so so pretty!!! Really digging her skin tone…true!!!


Nothing is more beautiful than the gift given to man!!!! That gift would be women!!!!

To my sisters I see you…keep reaching for the stars….cuz that’s what u are!!!