Eye Candy


Today is a good day!!!! Let me share some beauty with y’all…..she’sAmazing!!!!!


I’m a huge fan of lips…besides she is so so so so pretty!!! Really digging her skin tone…true!!!


Nothing is more beautiful than the gift given to man!!!! That gift would be women!!!!

To my sisters I see you…keep reaching for the stars….cuz that’s what u are!!!

Lorna Litz


This is grown man status….lil boys need not apply. Ms. Litz is a plus size beauty whom I witnessed for the first time this weekend as I sat home on a Saturday night. All I can say is “Shazam!!!”

In the word of my man Bran..”She is thicker than all outdoors!!!!”

Eye Candy


Just a little something is all. I am a fond admirer of the beautiful attributes that define women. Skin tone and shapes always seem to be two great ones. No I don’t stare O_O like a madman I just observe!!!! Who can deny her though….whoever she is.