Baby Steps

Never forget what you knew as a baby.  

Life constantly shows you something new.  No matter how old we get we are always witnessing something we have never seen before.  If you aren’t using your five senses daily and noticing something new then you have forgotten quite possibly one of the first lessons you learned.

What might that be…

As a baby you were smart enough to know that you knew nothing.  So you paid close attention to everything in order to gain an understanding of what you sensed.  Even if you didn’t understand it didn’t matter. Your determination to achieve that understanding was greater than giving up.

As a baby, knowing that you knew nothing but wished to know everything was a big motivating factor in growth and development. The only way to know everything you could is by being patient and learning.  We were born to learn and to try.  Sometimes you learned about success other times you learned of failure.  In either case patience played a big part in learning.

So be patient and know that your never too old to learn about something new.  Have the open mindedness to be aware that you don’t know it all.

Be like a baby!!!

Look Forward

Part of achieving goals is the ability to see into the future.  To know what you what you wish to gain and to be able to see it unfold from the present time into the future is a skill we must all learn.

Everything we do now is related to what will be.  If we invest time wisely, the future will show the fruits of your labor in a positive manner.  Should we neglect wisdom…well it’s obviously not the smartest decision.

That’s where I’m at.

Trying to see the future clearly and navigate my way to success.  Making music has always been easy for me.  The hard part has always been predicting what happens before it does.  Seeing what you will need to avoid and planning to maneuver around obstacles you have yet to encounter can make all the difference when striving to see your goal…..



Revisiting the past is sometimes a thing people would rather shy away from.  Some feel as if it shows regression instead of progression.  Others feel as if it’s meant to be since it is.  I tend to agree more with the latter, but I still feel it’s somehow connected to acceptance.  At least for me.

Sometimes people go separate ways because it’s just time to move on.  Other times it may have been something to cause a shift in the relationship.  I’ve dealt with both and either situation doesn’t change the fact that something that used to be is no longer.

I don’t mind revisiting the past simply because in doing so, you face the issues and have a chance to reconnect a broken connection.  Even if it doesn’t completely heal it’s still better than broken.  From time to time, you may be reminded through a little pain but it’s still not as bad as when it first happened.

We all grow, whether weaker or stronger the result is always the same.  For those who endure pain and push on, they are rewarded with an inner strength as well as peace.  A peace that can only be found from being the best that they can be.  Even if it’s not what it used to be, it’s still better than broken.





Man it’s been a long time since my last post. Undoubtedly, I am a tad bit disappointed in my consistency, but with so much going on since the beginning of this year I had to take a break and just reflect.

I spent a great deal doing some soul searching and figuring out where I wanted to be as an artist. I realized I put a lot of effort into promoting music that I like and really none in myself.

A huge part of that I’m sure is dealing with where music is going and where I am in relation with it all. Most times I feel as if…..ehhhh. No matter!!!!

I guess I gotta just stay consistent!!!

Let it Go

When God guides your life and removes people from your life we must learn to let it go. If you try to hold on you’ll usually find that you are only adding grief to your own life.

There is a reason that God leads people different ways. That reason is to meet the new people who will help you reach the next chapter in your life.

Don’t fight it….

Trust me!!!

I’m Just Doing My Job…Nothing Special

I was told I was special due to the wonderful gift of creating music to which I humbly declined in acceptance.

I’m not special for doing something that is hardwired in my DNA. My pops is good at making music as his father before him. Simply put….I had the tools and the inspiration to create music from birth. Maybe, the life I was given was a special one….

I’ll accept that!!!

However….what I do doesn’t make me special. There are millions of artist out here in the world that offer a look into the mind of an observer who interprets life and gives back my sharing their outlook.

Maybe some songs I create are special…..I’ll accept that!!!

But me as an individual, I don’t feel anymore special than the next person. I’m here for a reason as we all are….maybe the reason I’m here is special!!!


Not me!!!

I’m just doing my job!!!


You grow and you learn.

Learn to tell the difference in people who are for you and those that are against you.

Some folks will say they love you then show you that they are very capable of mustering words of hate.

Never let the thoughts of others impact the greatness that is in you.

How you feel about what you are and what you do should always signify a life of meaning and purpose!!!



Everyday is a new day!!!

So what shall we accomplish today?

Be better than you were yesterday. Be more helpful than you were yesterday. Give a little more love today….

Whatever you do don’t give into the idea that everyday is a continuation of yesterday.

No, today is a new day!!!