Never Stop

The transition of finding a new you is very enlightening as well as difficult. I’m sure it’s well worth the struggle in a sense of what you gain when the transformation is complete. It’s just the moment that you are in the transformation that sometimes leaves you stuck and second guessing your direction.

So much is happening so fast for me right now that it’s hard to keep the momentum going when you start to burn out. It’s at that moment you realize….wait a minute….I got more left in the tank!!!!

Never stop!!!!

Brand New Heavies – Never Stop

there ain’t a minute in the day that’s without you…..

hoping that you feel it too!!!
What u want?
What you’re feeling I am feeling too!!!!”

Sing it N’Dea…..I love this song to death!!!

Keep Pushing

Man!!!!! I’m tired but…..

You have to push through to get where you want to be regardless of what could hold you back. How you feel at the moment of the struggle doesn’t compare to how you will feel when you reach your goal. What you lose while you’re striving is all worth it when you gain as you achieve.

Keep pushing forward!!!!

Stay up…..Peace!!!

It’s Yours

Sometimes sleeping isn’t an option. Not when you are chasing your dream. As much as I would love to, I don’t think I will. Not today anyways!!!!

I’ve got a clear head and I’m focused on more than one thing at the moment……getting what’s mine.

I’ve tried to make some things mine but I’ve found when you try to make things yours it doesn’t become a reality. What’s meant for you is meant for you and no matter how much you run from it you can’t. You can’t try to get what’s yours because it is already yours.

Just go get it!!!!

Stay up!!!!


Love Movement

Love is a peculiar word. It’s intent is to strengthen the bond between people and promote a peaceful outlook in life in general. Some may say it is an action that shows the highest level of understanding between two people.
All I know for certain is it is something people shy away from even though the feeling itself should bring you all the happiness in the world.

Funny thing about it is that people associate the word with things that will never give them love in return. If You tell someone that you love them watch their reaction. Either they understand or they don’t. Some may go as far as to say they don’t use the word loosely because it mean so much that you shouldn’t use it unless you mean it.

Well, here’s a question. Do you not like to be told you are loved? Or, is it that it should only be used in certain instances. Either way analyzing it from perspective, if you feel the word is being used loosely think to yourself about all the times you used it. If you say things like, I love my car, or my shirt, or my sneakers, or my hair, my nails, my house, or my job and you feel too insecure to share those thoughts with friends or family……….

I’m just going to throw it out there… have issues!!! That’s what’s wrong with the world today!!! People are scared to love!!!!

It’s all love!!!!

“Every little thing gonna be all right” (Bob Marley)

Staying focused is the key to succeeding at accomplishing goals. Sometimes things can get in your way and get you completely off track. It’s at these times that either you pick up and get back to doing what you set off to achieve or you continue going down a path that ultimately takes you to a dead end.

It’s far better to realize that you are off track as soon as possible than to ignore the signs because sometimes retracing steps can add more strain to your success. You never want to be so far gone that it is pointless to get back to your original point of going astray.

Destiny knows what it’s doing so let her do her job. Just enjoy the ride and all things work themselves out. The road to success isn’t always smooth so just be ready for the rough areas and everything will be alright!!!

Mood Music

What’s good world! This has always been one of those joints that I love. Grown folk music…if you will!!!

Cook some salmon with some fly veggies and get boo’d up with your boo!!!


I’m on my sucka ish today!!!!

It’s all love!!!

Vanilla Soul

I’m on my white women ish today!!!
Shout out to the vanilla sisters!!!

When this song dropped I knew nothing of it. All I can tell you is I believe she performed this song on SNL (maybe). I was dead to the world catching some shut eye. When this came on I instantly woke up and with the head nod!

This is another song that I really dig….ya dig!!! I remember the first time I was introduced to Esthero. If you can appreciate good music then her album is one to have. She was experimenting with a new sound and I must say she “did that”!!!

Just thought I’d share!!!! Hadn’t heard either of these songs in a minute!!!