Trying to find home
Oh where do I belong
Just a lost soul
On a quest all alone!!!

My heart guides me here
My mind wanders there
I can stay for a moment
But soon you’ll not care!!

Pack up my baggage
I’m off to roam
Trying to find home
On a quest all alone!!!

Forever Reborn


You weather the storm
Forever reborn!
Love is alive
In a living form.

Young hearts grow old
Old friends stray away.
First loves last forever
Through night and day.

Chance the romance
Walks through a park…
Connected hand and hand
Teenage love from the start!

Many have come
More have seen the end.
Humbly stepping on a path,
To see you again!!!

Hold Tight


The irony of sunshine is…..
It’s not always there for you to see!!!

Rainy days are part of life….
Just be happy to be!!!!!

Everything under the sun is beautiful

Even when the sunshine doesn’t spill on ya’ grill!!!

Amuse me with your sweet nothings, life is still fine!!!!

I’ll be waiting for your return my beloved sunshine!!!!

Slum Village – Hold Tight ft. Q-Tip

Just because!!!!!


God is telling me something!!!
No word but I hear!!!
I see these visions….
But nothing is clear!!!!

Nights with no sleep
Dreams of the day
Too awake to be tired
Finding my way!!!!

Poetic Justice

One day… I pray….
For freedom for the people
For justice for all
We were born equals.

One day… I pray….
We learn the meaning of love.
The happiness it brings
To the world as a whole!!!

One day….I pray….
We learn the meaning of hate.
The song that it sings
Kills lives and souls!!!

The Will of the Free


From the pit of my heart
To the gut of my soul
I was born free!!!!

From the strength in my mind
To the truth in my eyes
I will live free!!!!

From the courage of my tongue
To the pride of my people
I will live free!!!!

From the pit of my heart
To the gut of my soul
I will die free!!!!



The lone creature in the room!
The fly on the wall.
That would be me…
The one that none of y’all see!

Amongst small talk here..
Conversations there!
I sit alone in the corner
Without a care.

I never try to impress
Though I’m sure I could.
But small talk means nothing
I’m misunderstood!!

Hello’s and hey’s
Hi’s and bye’s
Excuse me miss
You have such beautiful eyes!

What’s your name?
How is your life?

I’m sorry it must be…..
Such a burden to speak!

To the fly on the wall
Yes that would be me!
The one who means you no harm
The one none of you see!!!!