Show Time

My previous post was inspired by what many would consider a big deal in the city I live in.  Many people hoped that they would witness the group Beat Junction Project assemble and rock a show once again.  Well, we did!!!

The greatest part of performing for me is getting over the butterflies and finding a way to do what I call “spazzing out”.  I’m normally a very reserved person who suffers from a little  social anxiety.  I actually hate being in the spotlight.  However, I enjoy music.  I enjoy reciting what I wrote.  I enjoy passing the energy of my emotions to whoever stands in front of the stage.  Still, I’m nervous the entire time.

Spazzing out is the point in which I clearly remember laying the vocals down perfectly when I recorded the music.  It’s like I visit the past and everything in the moment fades away.  The anxiety, the nervousness, the fear of forgetting the lyrics.  It all disappears and I enter a comfort zone where all I can feel is the energy of my own emotions.

Whenever I reach that point…..I know we are about to do our thing because it almost seems as if we all in sync.

We did our thing!!!  Surprising everyone who came to see us do what we do.  It’s been ten years since we did it, but it didn’t matter.  We knocked the dust off and proceeded as if we never stopped!

Anyways,  we reunited and now the people want more.  Eh…..maybe I should say the people expect more.

Shout out to all the groups that came to add on to the energy.  Some I had never seen before and the others helped to build the hip hop community around the area. 


Diggla to Dilla Love Lyrics


You see a shine like sun in the night time
Clear black skies see my light shine when I write mine
Speak deep with the fellas and can’t nobody tell us how to sell us
Yelling trust, they must of failed us!!!
Nailed us to the cross with low funds for public schooling!
Used to flunk out O.G.’s would ask “What you doing”
Burnt L’s to my fingertips tried to escape it
To break it to basics you gotta make chips
Take trips to get away, get away get away
With a thick chick and stay at least three different days
In a row kiddo you have to fall back get low
Get did-dough make it grow don’t let it get low
It’s simple as your happiness you have to step…
When you start repeating the same shit will have you stressed
Searching for progress I guess and seeing simple shit!
Me and my team still living it!!!

As deep as the mind go…I’ma go
Letting my mind go so in time my rhymes show
The domino effect, it’s rules to abide by
I’m more like the coach play with the team from the sidelines
Fly dimes and all attracted to the surface
Clothes, cars, and purses to find it ain’t worth it!!
What’s ya purpose to birth a seed you’re earth indeed
You gotta believe you’re worth my needs most certainly
A flower in the field. That’s how you should feel.
A diamond revealed shine back and i’ma chill

Play the game of life, aiming to maintain is like,
You’re thrown on the highway still on ya training bike
Paint advice on the canvas of experience
My sincerest shit, but ain’t nobody hearing it!!
That’s word to living and giving all u got
Better get it while its hot cuz any minute it could stop!!

Lyrics from the song “Diggla to Dilla Love”

It’s crazy to know when I wrote this song life was very different for me. I would have never imagined that a couple of lines that were intended to tell the truth would stand the test of time!