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It’s definitely been a while since I last posted anything to my blog since I’ve been doing a great deal of soul searching.  I guess I have been more focused on doing things the way they should be done so that it all flows together smoothly.

With that being said, I’ve started to feel the urge to dive back into my music.  I had to take a break to feel fresh again.  I needed to rediscover the thing that made me feel alive for so many years.

That thing was being able to produce.  I believe I reached a peak in my creative space and really needed a new piece of gear that brought everything back to a point where I was highly motivated to do what I do.

While searching the web I discovered this little thing.  Tascam’s DP-008.   A very portable digital 8 track recorder with limited (but good enough) eq, compression, and reverb.  Most of which would only be used as a reference since I would do my final edits and mixes in software.

This little guy also has two small condenser mic’s built into it.  From what I’ve witnessed on line people have said the mics work pretty good.  The recorder also works with batteries so there really are some applications this recorder would excel in.

Long story short, with this portable unit I can easily collaborate with other artists when they can’t make it to me.  I’ll just take it to them plug them in and press record.  This is something technology has provided that I intend to take full advantage of.

The possibilities are endless.

Late nights

What’s up world?

You ever felt like your mind was running a million different places at once!!! That’s how I feel at the moment. Nonetheless, I’m working at the moment. Laying down the tracks for the beat project to track it out.

Funny thing is….I can’t track it because I burned my last CD yesterday to ride with it to the Mayweather fight. So what else is new. I’m digging it though!!!

As I sent and listen to it I zone and my wonders so many different places . Just the ability to touch people with music makes me a happier person. I just can’t wait to get the chance…..hopefully.

Hard work, right!!!!

That’s what they say……

……the sacrifices one makes to chase a dream!!!!

Stay up!!!!


Studio Life


Hella busy, hella tired!!! I’m working on it full steam ahead. They say the only way to play is hard (pause) or go home. Well, we are here to play!!!

My dude Al One came back through to the studio to lay down his pilot verse. He seems to be enjoying getting back into music mode. I told him how his coming through has really made an impression on Un which is much needed to get the ball rolling even faster.

Not to mention, having these guys come by is therapeutic for me because at the moment my emotions are a little worked up. It’s nice to be able to focus my attention on something positive until I’ve completely come to grips with the BS.

Tonight may be the first time I actually get good rest all this week. My crew has me working my brain trying to make sure I can achieve the goal at hand. I don’t have time to make any mistakes!

Like I said I’m going to be a busy man this year. Oh, I almost forgot I also have a leak for y’all to get! I’m guessing a little later today it should be on the net. I will keep those interested in it in the loop to find it. No worries!!!!


Un Session Day Three


Unzo in the lab!!!


Working on it!!!!


Deep concentration cuz I’m no comedian!!!!

Un slid by on his third session and dropped a monster!!!! No doubt!!!! We got off to a rocky start when my computer pumped the breaks on the recording session to inform me I needed to activate my version of windows.

I was sweating bullets at first because I didn’t want to be the reason my soul brother number Un couldn’t finish his track. After situating the situation he went in on the real….everything was everything!!!

I’m just glad to be a part of his project….shout out to DJ June!!! The track is a banger Holmes.

Stay tuned!!!!


Just got the word that my partner in crime Miss Jay is on the way to South Carolina. Perfect timing because I need a female to sing on two joints anyway!!!!

The two songs are called “Black Powder” and “Carbon Copies”….just to give some insight on my recording process. These particular two songs come from two different projects which at the time remain nameless.

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to seeing my partner and putting her to work!!!

Studio Time


Today is a studio day for me. I’m busy trying to put this beat project together!!!!
Slowly but surely….is the only way to go! The hardest part is the intros as usual. At the moment I’m actually waiting on my leftovers to warm up so I decided to blog while I wait.


Some jizzoints!!!!


More jizzoints!!!!


I’ve been listening to music since 11 this morning. It seems as if this is going to be an all night thing!!!!



I’ve done some research and maybe I’m going to have to dig in those guts and see what’s wrong with the recorder. I at least got it to finish initializing so it looks like I can record again.

If I do record though I have got to instantly dump it down. Either way with a brand new project being complete in the horizon minor set backs can’t stop the movement…I refuse to let it!!!

You can’t stop a mad scientist from doing what he loves when he’s in the lab!!!! Mixing up things and making something else is what I do and there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Until the next post….stay up!!!!!

Grind Date


What’s up world? The same old same old on this end. We have had a scorching past few days and actually broke the state record by reaching 108 degrees. I don’t know if that’s for that particular day or overall, either way it was hot!!!

I’ve been busy finishing tracks that I had already put together this past week and just getting my head together. A fellow producer of SC, whose name is Amari, has been seeing some success with his project “Vinyl Ritchie”. He has been gaining much deserved notoriety for his latest addition to his collection and it’s good seeing people you know doing what they do. It’s a easy listening album, something you should ride out to when you’re going from one city to the next. It will relax you and make you feel good at the same time, so when you get to your destination you ready to do your thing! Ha ha


My dude DJ June came by and dropped off some records that he decided to depart with since they didn’t interest him. I’ve already found a couple of joints on previous records he gave me a couple of weeks ago. He got the chance to hear them and see what he didn’t want. It was official….he liked them. That’s the crazy thing about sampling because people hear different things though we still tend to like the same things.

He’s been pushing me to release a lot of my material and I am in all honesty. I’m looking at my blog and it’s a lot of talk no work…hahaha. It’s cool though progression is important and everyday I’m thinking of a new way to use this blog to do what I do. Soon come….soon come…no worries.

Oh and shout out to my dude DJ Kingpin he does his thing in my area as well. He gave me a shout on twitter for a song of mine he was listening to that I haven’t heard in at-least 5 years. I wasn’t even thinking about that song. I kind of forgot all about it since it’s so old.

Anyways, stay up and live life!!!!!

Ain’t No Half Steppin’


What’s up world the same old same old on my end just relaxing a taken a breather from the everyday stresses of life. I’ve stumbled upon a tiny problem. One that is very irritating to someone such as myself who is very picky.

The issue is my sound-card.. It works…just not the way I would like for it to. You see it picks up this weird noise whenever the recorded material is either low or none at all . I know the noise is there because of my unconventional set up so now it’s time to remedy the issue by dropping a little money on a better sound card.

I have no other choice seeing as how my goal before the end of this summer is to be in position to record more than just myself. I’m capable of recording others now but in a world where everyone is so judgmental on appearance I’ve got to step it up.

If it looks good it is good!!!!!

Summer’s end is just around the corner but a lil patience is all I need. I already know that for the most part I have to purchase two control surfaces and a better sound-card. After i do that, I’ll be confident in providing my services to anyone looking to book studio time once again. Not only will it make things more efficient for me, it will also make my set up look a bit more professional.

My only draw back at this time is I’ll have to cut my recording fees to compete with bigger recording studios in the area. Honestly, I’m not really even trying to compete with them as I am pretty sure there is a market out there just for me. I’ll have to rely on cleverness to find those who could benefit from my services the most but I already have a clue as to where to start. As with anything else as long as I give it my all I’m sure word of mouth will spread and I’ll be meeting my quota on studio time.

Most of the other studios around here have elaborate set ups and can record an entire band. I don’t think that’s the route I plan on taking I’ll just keep my studio strictly for vocals and pre-production.

Essentially,the genre of music that I deal with most never uses a band during the recording process. I guess that is what always gave hip hop it’s grittiness because we never really utilize the entire power of a studio. That’s something I will speak about in a blog by itself one day soon. Not today though.

Well, that’s about all. I’ve got some shopping to do for my next move so I guess I’ll be on my way with no delay. Stay tuned I may have a treat dropping soon so until my next post stay up!!!!