I’m so lost in my own emotions at the moment. All kinds of craziness runs through my head.

A good kinda crazy though!!!

Long story short, life’s weird. You spend time getting to know people to learn that they ain’t what you thought they were. Then again, I don’t really think much of folk too much anyways.

I love em and deal with em however I can and just mash on through it all. I can just pass by em and not say a word. Not because I’m mad or in my feelings….

Simply because I ain’t got nothing to say!

New Year No Resolutions

People have a strange way of thinking the feeling of something new will remain for some time. With the beginning of a new year people promise to do this and that and usually fall short of many of the goals they have set for themselves.

I’ve never been one to create resolutions because I know I backslide and I have no problem with being honest. Considering how last year was I’m already on a better path to doing what I enjoy doing most……whatever that may be!

Life is full of surprises, stepping stones, and mile stones so I’ve grown use to that. Just know this much….

I had to take a break and figure some things out. I had to evaluate some relationships I had and learn to let them go because they were no good to my well being. No good for my growth.

That’s the harsh reality of the world….nothing last forever so to hell with it.

This is a new me….a side very few people see. The true me.

So with that being said here’s to life and a new year with no resolutions.

Stay up….



Man it’s been a long time since my last post. Undoubtedly, I am a tad bit disappointed in my consistency, but with so much going on since the beginning of this year I had to take a break and just reflect.

I spent a great deal doing some soul searching and figuring out where I wanted to be as an artist. I realized I put a lot of effort into promoting music that I like and really none in myself.

A huge part of that I’m sure is dealing with where music is going and where I am in relation with it all. Most times I feel as if…..ehhhh. No matter!!!!

I guess I gotta just stay consistent!!!

New Me


I haven’t blogged in a while primarily due to the fact that this was originally a blog about hip hop…..

Well with hip hop being in the state it is in now I’ve come to realize my time has passed.

I truly lack the desire at the moment to create it, make it, record it, or listen to it. I’ve grown some as well as having a lot on my plate as far as job goes.

So lately I’ve been enjoying the wilderness hiking and camping searching for a new me.

We’ll see what that brings!!!!

Til next time!!!

Let it Go

When God guides your life and removes people from your life we must learn to let it go. If you try to hold on you’ll usually find that you are only adding grief to your own life.

There is a reason that God leads people different ways. That reason is to meet the new people who will help you reach the next chapter in your life.

Don’t fight it….

Trust me!!!

Sound Bombing

I know I’ve been out of the blogosphere for quite a bit of time now….only posting here and there! What can I say…I’ve been busy.

Anyways, let me share a story with you!

Lately, I’ve been spinning music and practicing mixes. That’s all I’ve been doing!!! Not writing lyrics, not making beats, not recording…….just spinning music.

So I get the bright idea of wanting to spin music at my friends wife for her birthday. Bad move!!!!! I told him I’d do it for free on the strength that this is my man and his wife always welcomes me to their home.

Now I say bad move because I know the music my homeboy likes and that ain’t the music I groove to. However I was thinking more along the lines of…..playing music for the wife and her friends.

Now this is a classic example of not being prepared to go in any direction. I set myself up for this one.

It didn’t take long to size up the situation and see the guys wasn’t feeling the mix. There were two dudes who seemed to vibe to it. So much so, I’d occasionally look up and see one dude jamming and dancing while texting and the other guy stood there and bobbed back and forth.

The other fellows peeled out and left me to say uh oh….

I’m going downhill.

Now, all things considered…this is a cookout!!! Not one lady was outside. Nope, not one!!! They were all inside and all the guys were outside telling me to get it crunk!!!

Occasionally, one or two females would come out and listen to me mix a couple of songs and then head back in with the other women. All this time I’m thinking…..

Why ain’t you dudes talking to these women?

Why bother me when I’m mixing?

One of the guys comes up with the idea of playing his Pandora account after asking me to play some Rich Homie Quan. It’s at that moment I give in with the understanding that I really don’t listen to that kind of music. If I don’t listen to it….I definitely don’t play it.

Sounds selfish….right?

I know…..but I spin what I like.

Now, at this point I’ve got guys trying to see how to work my equipment to spin what they want to hear. So I’m getting in my mood because y’all are interrupting me and touching things that none of you paid for.

I head back to the crib to get a line so folks could play their phones through my system. I really could care less at this point because I’m ready to grab my plate and eat. I’m not getting paid for this….I’m doing this as a favor.

Long story short, they play the five or so songs they want to hear then they either get a call, make a call, or run out of songs they want to hear.

Here’s where it gets very funny!!!

I start socializing with the ladies…a lot are married so it wasn’t even a thing of trying to holler at any of them. I’m just chilling…being the anti-socialite that I am….minding my business when one by one they start coming over to me asking…..

“Weren’t you DJing?”

I say, “Yes!!!”

They say, “What happened?”

I say, “The guys didn’t like what I was playing so I let them play what they wanted to hear!!”

They say, “You were playing good music though!!!”


I’ve now bombed my first gig ever. Not a great feeling but I could care less because it happens. You take the good with the bad and learn something.

I learned two things….

1. Always have all types of music available. ( Which I won’t because I’m hard headed and focused on reaching the audience that appreciates the music I spin.)

2. Learn that it’s cool to turn down opportunities that won’t get you any closer to your goal.

It was cool to be given the opportunity but this event was one I should’ve passed on. Not because I couldn’t rock it because I could’ve, but simply because I don’t rock like that. I just don’t!!!

I’ve attended many cookouts, parties, and clubs and have had to stomach listening to music I don’t like. However, when you factor in women, food, and alcohol into the equation I really don’t focus on the music.

The DJ does his thing and I wait patiently until he plays something I like. When he does that I enjoy the moment until it’s over. The one thing I don’t do is bother the DJ out of respect.

This was a classic example of why you don’t bother the DJ thinking you can do a better job. If you don’t DJ you don’t understand you have got to play music for hours not just 15 minutes and that’s why a DJ is DJing and you aren’t.

If you don’t like the mix…you don’t have to listen but definitely don’t stop him from doing what he’s prepared to do to try to do something you aren’t capable of.

Your music is limited that’s why you don’t DJ my friend! Did I mention I did this for free!!!!

It’s all good though!!!