The Struggle

Working, working, working!

I’m working on this beat project and the beat project is working my nerves. This is my last day I’m going to work on it. I have two tracks on it that are throwing my mojo off.

One is just a minor adjustment I’m hoping and the other I just need to put another kick in place of the one currently on it.

It’s been a long three weeks getting this joint right and even when I release it I’m sure I’ll still find something wrong.


If it comes easy it ain’t worth it!!!!

Studio Time


Today is a studio day for me. I’m busy trying to put this beat project together!!!!
Slowly but surely….is the only way to go! The hardest part is the intros as usual. At the moment I’m actually waiting on my leftovers to warm up so I decided to blog while I wait.


Some jizzoints!!!!


More jizzoints!!!!


I’ve been listening to music since 11 this morning. It seems as if this is going to be an all night thing!!!!

Bang It Out


Looking forward to tonight!!!! Yep!!! I’ll be starting my recording process this evening. I’m not going to start on my album just yet….nah!!! First I need to scratch my musical itch.

I’ve been stacking beats for a couple of months preparing to release a beat project. I recorded one earlier this year but I wasn’t really that excited about it after finishing it. The main reason was because I couldn’t split the overall project into tracks. That is no longer an issue thanks to my new computer.

I’ve yet to really put work on it and I really want to start today. I just want to do something that isn’t as time consuming as recording my vocals. It’s much easier to put this idea together and get it finished before the weekend.

Besides, I have the entire weekend to start recording my album…..yeah, sounds good to me!!!!

Today is Gonna Be the Day


Today will be the day…..hopefully…..that I finish the beat project. Nothing’s changed as far as the drops go. They are still a tad bit hard to find…..well not hard to find….but it is tedious listening to a couple of minutes worth of dialogue to find a three second drop. In the words of potato farmers… you gotta keep on mashing.

I’ve still yet to call my connect and see if I can’t set some things up for my DJing thing so as one project ends , so another begins. I’m a bit reluctant to just jump out there feet first without a decent plan of what I’m actually trying to accomplish. To me it’s more than just djing it’s bringing something to the community that we so need. A place where good music can call home. A place where music lovers can go to unwind and mingle or even dance.

Enough about that, one thing at a time right? Well until the next one kiddies….take it light and stay up!!!!

Free Your Mind the Rest Will Follow


What up world!!! Same old same old over here. I think I’ll need just one more day after today to be finished with beat project. I’ll be all too happy when I am so I can get back to making new tracks.

Still the slowest part to all this effort is finding dope drops to make it a little more funky, but patience is the key. To be frank, I don’t want to throw just any old thing out there. No, not this time!!! Everything has to be perfect….or as close as I can possibly get it to perfection. Indirectly, I know that mind state is what hinders most creations!

Still yet to come is how to market this project to better my situation. I do know my overall plan is to go after the blogs in a major way. The key is getting out amongst the normal people and in today’s society a lot of normal people read their favorite blogs so it goes hand and hand!

On another note I am enjoying the fruits of instagram as you can see from my latest images included in my posts now. This tool allows me a little room to open up on my blog and share more of my day to day rituals. I think it will be a big influence on me in the future as well as others who blog.

Being able to link all these accounts up is also an added benefit as they pretty much work seamlessly together. I still like this platform the best as it gives you more control over being able to personalize your place on the world wide web.

All in all, the future is looking bright from where I stand. Just maybe that’s the outlook to life in general. Stay focused on that little light in the distance and walk towards it until you are in it. The possibilities of being able to see what’s around you is limitless. Believe in you and what you do….open your mind and set yourself free from all the doubt!!!!


Hanging Amongst a Star


Wattup world!!!!??? I’m still here kicking it on this beautiful planet we call earth! I am listening to the pre mix of the beat project and I must say thus far it is passing my expectations.

The toughest part of it all is finding the right drops to go over the beats to accent them with a little entertainment. Some of the beats are from my pre-software days so the mixing is a little off but what the heck. Come to think of it some of the tracks are pre-studio monitor days as well. Those were the days when the ASR-X was the weapon of choice and I had little control over equalizing the drums so some are a little rough.

However, they are beats that I have submitted to various artist and never heard anything else concerning them. Putting the whole project together opened my eyes to how much music has changed since I made some of the tracks. It’s so much easier to get your work heard by the masses than it used to be which makes the process of making music instantly gratifying. When you are done with a song, a beat, or a project it’s as easy as one click….and it’s out there.

Regardless, I feel pretty good and today I got off to a good start. I managed to eat a good breakfast and do a tiny bit of yard work before heading to the gig which brings me to the point of posting today.

With so many blogs out there from ordinary people just trying to better themselves my reason for blogging is becoming more apparent. It really does document the growth of an individual and it’s also inspiring to others. I read a few blogs daily and I find myself routing for strangers and friends alike so I hope I do the same for those who read my blog.

Anyways, that’s about it for now….so until the next one kiddies…..dat all I’m out!!!!

Working On It (c) Dilla


Wattup world!!! It’s the same game different score on this end. Well, what can I say…..I lied!!! I said I would be done this weekend with the beat project and I’m not. Am I

I’m an artist and perfection is everything to an artist. When it’s done it’ll be done. Have no fear I am on it though and really getting into it.

Until the next time…….stay up!!!!