MPC on Ice


We got iced down the past couple of days!!! The whole city was on lockdown!!!!


Needless to say I spent the day working on beats!!!!

Snowed in…or maybe iced in….meh…making some scuffs…though stay tuned!!!!

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First time back on vinyl in a while!!!

It's different we shall see!!! #beats #production #music #mpc #reaper

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Wish I had access to a female singer…word!!!!

Stay up!!!!



As luck would have it I’ve rediscovered something that I longed to have again. That special something is the last batch of beats I cooked up on the ASR-X.

Some of these beats I’ve been wanting to hear for years now. I would like to say I did these maybe in like 2004 or 2005. Seeing as that they are as old as they are I’m going to treat you folks to it.

Stay tuned….

This year is looking quite nice for my spring set up!!!


It’s been a minute since I last blogged anything and in unsure as to why…other than I guess lack of motivation. These are the ups and downs of your craft in your artwork I guess!

Anyways…it’s a lot going on with the kid!!! Just trying to find that mojo point again…we all lose it from time to time!!!

I’ve been having crazy dreams lately. It’s like my heart is trying to tell me something!!!

#beats!!!! Smooth it out yo!!!! #music #hip_hop #ride_wit_it!!!

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Anyways….this is what that dream was feeling like!!!

I guess maybe I should listen!!!

Bang It Out


Looking forward to tonight!!!! Yep!!! I’ll be starting my recording process this evening. I’m not going to start on my album just yet….nah!!! First I need to scratch my musical itch.

I’ve been stacking beats for a couple of months preparing to release a beat project. I recorded one earlier this year but I wasn’t really that excited about it after finishing it. The main reason was because I couldn’t split the overall project into tracks. That is no longer an issue thanks to my new computer.

I’ve yet to really put work on it and I really want to start today. I just want to do something that isn’t as time consuming as recording my vocals. It’s much easier to put this idea together and get it finished before the weekend.

Besides, I have the entire weekend to start recording my album…..yeah, sounds good to me!!!!

Back On the Beats


Since I am getting back into my production side of my creativity I will be releasing some of my work as it is finished. I’ve pondered doing this for a while now but I didn’t follow through with it because Soundcloud has a limited amount of space to post the beats. I didn’t want to have to remove the tracks to free up space for new ones so I decided to hold off.

Then I realized I could YouTube it with unlimited space so now I will be posting them as planned. Hopefully, this will aid in getting the name out there more on the production tip and maybe spark interest in artists that are looking for production.

I’m going to be very busy ending this year off and my guess is that’s a good thing!!!!

Busy As A Bee!!!


Well, this is one hell of a week for me. As of lately I’ve just tried to keep myself and my mind as busy as possible. One thing I will say is through this rut I have had to fight my way out of it. If I learned nothing else, I learned to love self with everything you have.

Today I’m going on the hunt for the possible location of the video shoot. I know for sure where it will be so for the most part I’ll just be going to check out how to frame it and study the lighting of the area. I’ve also got to get back on the beat grind seeing as how my dude DJ June put me on a diggers dream so I have no songs to listen to and sample.

I’ve also been hard at work emailing blogs which can get pretty boring especially since there are so many to contact. Like the saying goes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So here’s to hard work and believing in something! Until the next post….stay up!!!!

Beat Project Update

What up world! I hope whatever you are doing at this moment in life is fulfilling to the soul and mind bringing you the peace that we all need! I’ve been busy talking to my dudes lately just discussing our next move in this shady business of music.

The last two parts of this beat project we are soon to release are being finished up with last minute icings for the cupcakes…ya dig!!! I hate to admit it but I’m in last place due to my perfectionist mind state, but I’m loving how mine is coming together. I like how it’s all coming together to be quite honest. We still have to figure out how to mesh it all together though….. as a group project, that is.

Other than that I’ve pretty much tired this entire week. My sleep pattern is all jacked up so by the time I get off of work to get down on some music, my attempts are unfocused a tad bit. I guess that’s why they say you need your rest to really be productive. So I’ll do better that is until I get off track again.

Anyways that about sums it up for ya doggie..stay tuned!!!!