The focus

What’s hood world. Today I’m in chill mode just fumbling through my thoughts. I got a lot only mind but it’s nothing harmful. Today’s a pretty good day….suns out and it’s cool!!!

What more could you ask for…oh I guess I should mention I threw it back today and decided to bump Maxwell’s “Urban Hang Suite”….actually listening to it while I post this from the phone.

I hollered at Biggs Nevada and everything is still groovy. We had a talk and he’s decided to really sink into the album verses just being a rapper rapping. That’s what separates some artists projects from others. You gotta be a part of the music you make, don’t just make it. Focus!

What’s so special about what you make?

For me I put together my work like it’s a chapter in my life and I find that when you approach anything like that, it takes on a new meaning. Not just to you….but the world as well! You gotta give it everything you got and whatever it is you’re giving has to be everything you have…redundant…. I know….. But that’s how it works. Focus!

I fallow producer Illmind on twitter and he posted a couple of tweets that sum up what it takes to make your dream reality. Most of us already know it and it’s self explanatory but the key to it all is is having the confidence in knowing that you can do it. As long as you are confident you know eventually the sun while shine through. You know even when you’re failing that you really aren’t…’re just not succeeding. What’s the difference?

Atleast with confidence you know you’re still confident that you will do what you are capable of. During the trial of failure you just may be doing something wrong, that’s something you can fix by acknowledging you’re doing something wrong and changing you’re path to the correct one. Without confidence you fail simply because you have given up on yourself….u get it. Focus!!!!

I know I am….that’s why this project is gonna bang…mark my words! I’ma holla back at ya…until the next post…peace and blessings!

Now Check out Maxwell!!!!!

Random Rambling

Well as of lately my life hasn’t been too too exciting I’m looking forward to this weekend to get a way and see my newborn niece.

Other than that Biggs Nevada and myself are in the process of mapping out his album which he’s giving me control of production wise. These are the moments I live for as have already started trying to plug in some of the features on the album.

So far he’s mentioned that he’s interested in damn near linking all the vets from our area to help out and just get the mood for the album right. That’s that ish.

With that in mind I just decided to throw an entry in my blog and speak on it and keep it moving. Besides it’s kind of nippy out here so I gots to get back to the gig! I’ll be atcha soon world….peace and blessings!!!!!

My Peoples

I can’t call it for the night…I hung out with Weaving the Fate just a lil too long so I’m shaking off the fatigue and stress…lol.  I’m just gonna go through samples and start trying to find something to hook for two artists that wanna get down.  One I grew up with tight like the other grew up with him in a nutshell.  They go by the names of Biggs Nevada and Vikkee Valle check her out…holla

Here’s Biggs Nevada