No More Excuses

I’m on that ish again! I chopped it up with a fellow hip hopper and an old school friend about some things and I’m on some ish again.

It got me motivated a little. Ya know what I mean?

No more excuses and pretty much no more sleep. It’s going to be a bumpy ride but I’m ready.

Oh, Blog Goblin Vol 2 is done….well..kinda sorta! I’d tell you why it isn’t but that would be an excuse! So…….

Nah….it’s done!!! I spent all night mixing it to only wake up and transfer the wrong file to my phone so I can’t hear the final version to make sure its ready!!!

I’m sure it’s ready….but I might’ve saved over the final mix like a jack ass!!!!

Luckily, if my spidey senses are correct I have a back up!!! I hope!!! We will see!!!!

Either way it’s all good! I have a date with the hustle tonight. I’m going to see my dude Fat Rat do his thing tonight and I’m going to have the Mixtape to support the grind.

No more excuses!!!

Blog Goblin Vol 2

Happy Monday folks. A new week means a new beginning. Whatever happened yesterday or last week has come and gone and there is nothing we can do except learn from it.

Keep pushing forward regardless of the obstacles that may present themselves to you. This thing called life isn’t easy and was never intended to be.

Hard work, determination, and patience is the key to success….well atleast for all success that I’ve ever had.

Anyways here’s the cover art for the latest project….dropping sooner than you think!!!!


Blog Goblin Vol 2

Wattup world!!! I’m just thankful to be here today because last night was horrible. The weather here flip flops so if you suffer from sinus issues cold fronts will put the foot on you’re throat. So needless to say I spent last night in the fetal position from a massive headache. I honestly felt like it could’ve been my last night here my head was throbbing so bad!!!!

I’m here though, alive and dealing with sinuses for the third time this year. The Blog Goblin Vol 2 is on the way I just have to dig up a few more nice songs. This time I will be featuring some of my work and I haven’t totally decided which songs from the vault I will be releasing but I have a few more days to figure it out.

The artwork is in progress as we speak so it’s all gravy. I’ll post it before this weekend for sure. The blogs I’m trying to market it through aren’t really biting on the series but as with anything you have to stick with it.

So far this has been a good looking year now if only I could find artists looking for production (with a budget…haha). I know somebody needs something and it’s only a matter of time.

Oh before I forget, my dude hit me up talking about gigging sometime this year. It’s been a minute since I’ve touched a stage so we will see. I’m more of a studio rat nowadays…..go figure!!! Until the next one….stay up!!! Dat all I’m out!!!