Less Talk..More Listening

This is coming from someone who communicates for a living, and yes, it is true. I am here to tell you that the most important strategy of business communication, in my opinion, is the finely honed sense of when to not talk. Especially as a communicator, I can tell you (humbly, even) that the greatest business lessons I’ve learned have occurred during the times that my own mouth was shut.

Silence in the critical moments of a sales negotiations is a fairly widely known rule: He (or She) Who Speaks First, Loses. Fellow Forbes contributor Ken Krogue, of InsideSales, refers to this skill as The Paul Jarman Secret of Sales, in honor of a regional executive who uses the tactic exceptionally well.

Conversely, the inability to remain silent in negotiations can be deadly. For example, years ago, my partners and I were given 30 minutes to make our case in front of a senior executive. At the end of the presentation, my partner asked, “What would be your potential obstacles to hiring us?” We’ll never know what the CEO might have said, had he gotten a word in edgewise. The team member we’d brought along for experience filled the remaining air with praise for our company’s strengths. The prospective client was never given the opportunity to speak. Needless to say, we did not get the deal. (Nor did we ever take that associate into a sales discussion again.)

Good read!!! I often times need to remind myself of this!!! Click the link to finish reading!!!


Do It or Don’t

I shared some words with one of my folk and I took something from that conversation that I would like to share with others.

Here goes!!!!

In life we must all realize who is in our lives and the reason that they are there. I know I’ve spent a lot of time working with people who offer nothing in return. I chose to do so because the reward of making projects was worth more to me than anything else.

In business this approach just won’t work no matter how hard you try.

I’ve learned that business is business and all parties involved must be willing to sacrifice in order to gain. If you surround yourself with people who aren’t on the same page of investing time or money you can expect a whole lot of confusion, wasted time, and (or) money.

Handle Your Biz


Email after email….text after text…. phone call after phone call! All for the sake of trying to pull something off. This is the life of person who takes on the task of organizing an event, or for that matter anything.

I remember being busy 24/7 talking to this person or that person crossing your T’s and your I’s. Making sure everything is how you intended for it to be. Yep!!! This is the life I have chosen.

It’s like a game in a sense. Using your raw talent and trial and error to place yourself where you need to be. Calculating moves to benefit you in ways you once only dreamed about. Getting out there rubbing elbows with the people who can help you accomplish the goal at hand.

I wouldn’t trade those feelings of self gratification for the world. Nope!!! It’s a great sensation to seeing ideas materialize into a reality!!!
On another note I had the chance to drop vocals for the first time on my new set up. People get ready first project on the way!!!!

Slow Motion is Better Than No Motion!

Studying the nature of the music business can be tricky in some ways but I’m finding progress in making my own path. Long gone are the days of connecting with people in hopes of them helping you push your brand. Today it’s more about making your brand and pushing it until those people want to connect with you.

I’m hard at work staying up late nights gathering information and emailing different blogs and letting them know what they can look for in the near future. I have found that the bigger blogs are too busy to break a new artist. It’s almost like the recording business in the sense that they are too flooded with new submissions to be able to keep up with them all. So my approach as of lately is to go after the smaller blogs with less of a fan base. I’m sure this approach should catapult my marketing to the larger blogs….at-least that’s the plan.

In either case I know I just have to grind it out. For what it’s worth it seems to be working thus far so until it fails this is the route I’m sticking to!!!!

Until my next post…..stay up!!!!