Un Session Day Three


Unzo in the lab!!!


Working on it!!!!


Deep concentration cuz I’m no comedian!!!!

Un slid by on his third session and dropped a monster!!!! No doubt!!!! We got off to a rocky start when my computer pumped the breaks on the recording session to inform me I needed to activate my version of windows.

I was sweating bullets at first because I didn’t want to be the reason my soul brother number Un couldn’t finish his track. After situating the situation he went in on the real….everything was everything!!!

I’m just glad to be a part of his project….shout out to DJ June!!! The track is a banger Holmes.

Stay tuned!!!!

Grind Date


What’s up world? The same old same old on this end. We have had a scorching past few days and actually broke the state record by reaching 108 degrees. I don’t know if that’s for that particular day or overall, either way it was hot!!!

I’ve been busy finishing tracks that I had already put together this past week and just getting my head together. A fellow producer of SC, whose name is Amari, has been seeing some success with his project “Vinyl Ritchie”. He has been gaining much deserved notoriety for his latest addition to his collection and it’s good seeing people you know doing what they do. It’s a easy listening album, something you should ride out to when you’re going from one city to the next. It will relax you and make you feel good at the same time, so when you get to your destination you ready to do your thing! Ha ha


My dude DJ June came by and dropped off some records that he decided to depart with since they didn’t interest him. I’ve already found a couple of joints on previous records he gave me a couple of weeks ago. He got the chance to hear them and see what he didn’t want. It was official….he liked them. That’s the crazy thing about sampling because people hear different things though we still tend to like the same things.

He’s been pushing me to release a lot of my material and I am in all honesty. I’m looking at my blog and it’s a lot of talk no work…hahaha. It’s cool though progression is important and everyday I’m thinking of a new way to use this blog to do what I do. Soon come….soon come…no worries.

Oh and shout out to my dude DJ Kingpin he does his thing in my area as well. He gave me a shout on twitter for a song of mine he was listening to that I haven’t heard in at-least 5 years. I wasn’t even thinking about that song. I kind of forgot all about it since it’s so old.

Anyways, stay up and live life!!!!!