Road Trip


I had to pass on heading out to do the video scenes today. Today is a big day for black folk….today is SC State’s homecoming.

The weather is pretty good today so that means I’m sure the ladies will be dressed for the kill. After all, I need to get away even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

The video shoot is definitely going down tomorrow. Today I’m just going to unwind, eat, and tailgate. This is Black n Broke weekend so we are going in!!!!

Sweet Nothing

Enjoying life and a little time away from home visiting my second home was something I really needed. Now I feel like I’m a little refreshed and I have something to look forward to when I do finally get back to South Carolina.

My focus is a little more defined and members of the team have gotten the break that they needed to do what they need to do. “Life is Good” by Nas is the anthem to my life right about now so I feel like I can’t lose…..neither should you!!!!

Anyway, at the moment I’m riding shotgun through D.C. on my way to pick up my nieces with my daughter and my brother so I guess I should relax and enjoy the ride right?

Until the next time!!!!!