The Abstract and The Dragon Mixtape


Well, well, well!!! I woke up this morning and discovered that the world had dropped upon us something special. Something every hip hopper needed to satisfy their hunger for the classical palate of a listener who is devout to the culture. Low and behold Kamal and Busta give us this Mixtape entitled "The Abstract and The Dragon"

First off, I know Tip goes by Kamal now but I know him as Q-tip so that's what I call him….no disrespect. Anyways, this Mixtape revisits many of the songs these two combined forces on and reminds us of how hip hop used to be. They also feature joints that I had never heard before as well as what seems to be joints they made specifically for this project.

I'm not going to break down the project but I will say it is a good listen. Simply to be reminded of the work these two did and to hear something new that bangs. The new joints they did are pretty amazing in my opinion.

So google it and get it….hell it's free!!


World Affair

What’s good world?

Last night was a draining process of dumping tracks to “World Affair”, the latest song I’ve been working on. I’ll be the first to admit if you don’t get proper rest, forget about it.

I struggled transferring the files to Reaper and a couple of them didn’t transfer properly for some reason are another. I was too tired to even begin to try to figure out what the issue was so I just saved the project as is.

My game plan was to at least start dropping vocals and see if the song was heading the right direction.

That wasn’t happening!!!!

So today I’ll finish what I started and honestly…..

I can’t wait!!!

Dat all…

I’m out!!!

Promo Campaign

What up world! I haven’t even been on my blog game like I should be but life is life and sometimes you just have to take a break. Everything is cool I’m just needing to see what direction things are heading.

I’ve been busy recording and refining my engineering skills on Reaper. I needed the practice because now I’ve got a deadline to meet by November 13th. The company I run with, Never So Deep, is wanting to run a promo campaign and I have to come up with five songs. Which really isn’t that bad because I know I can do that with ease.

Tonight I’ll be knocking out the first song…..

It’s called World Affair….

That’s all for now….

Stay up!!!


My Album


Sequencing this album has been a very frustrating and tedious process. Trying to make everything perfect takes a lot of time.

A couple of the producers on this album are already asking me what’s good with my next project but quite honestly, I just want to chill after this one is done. I have other plans to fulfill before I can even begin to focus on the next project and some of those plans involve really working this project.

Just for starters, this album marks crucial points in my life and now that I have used those emotions to fuel this work of art I think I need to experience life before I can go on to the next one. I have nothing left in my think tank at the moment.

After all, I have been locked inside my house not socializing at all for the past two years trying to find a way to give this to world. I’m almost done!!!

Just not quite yet!!!

Pro Era – Like Water (Capital STEEZ, Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly)

Listening to these kids gives me hope that the youth still understand the philosophy of emceeing and not just rapping. To many folks don’t understand the culture of Hip Hop and its original reason for coming into existence.

It was once used to bring awareness to the masses. Though sometimes that awareness can take on a negative outlook we must realize that everything isn’t positive and to neglect the negative means we just choose to keep our eyes closed to everything that reality grants existence to.

With that said, the bottom line is this culture was successful in reaching the masses because it gave you the essentials for critical thinking. Even if that thinking was spawned from trying to interpret the meaning of an emcee’s penmanship the end result is it made you use your brain….and that’s all we ask of the listener!!!!

I Still Love H.E.R.

I’m not the most righteous man in the world and I wouldn’t try to take such a stance to say that I am. I am however, a man built on morals that are based solely on right and wrong. Through those morals I see with eyes that can at times be a little unforgiving in terms of things that are dear to me. One of those things happens to be the culture if Hip Hop.

Some people don’t understand the nature of this culture and in all honesty maybe I am the one who doesn’t understand. I see so many positive things in this art form from expression, freedom, honesty, and inspiration. Of course, we could bring up all the negativity that surrounds it but I won’t do that in this post. I’ll explain why a little later.

This culture has grown to unify the world in ways similar to religion. People who didn’t witness it’s birth first hand witnessed it migrate to their area and influence their surroundings. People who spoke other languages in different countries witnessed it travel to them and influence their culture as well. By doing so it made people of various backgrounds have a common interest which in turn broke down the barriers that separated us. In other words it unified a world of people in a matter of decades and gave us something we could all relate to.

The small, less fortunate guy, was able to have a voice. Through that voice it didn’t matter if the big guy heard the cries of injustice. As long as the voice reached other less fortunate people that was all that mattered. It rallied all the have nots together and unified a million voices into one large sound so that the big man had no choice but to listen. Once the big man heard a million different cries things began to change.

That is why this culture is so important to me and many others. We appreciate what it has done for us on so many different levels that it is hard to imagine what the world would be like had this culture not invaded the minds of the people of the world. For this moment I would just like to reflect on the positive and not the negative as many of us do from time to time. Rather than say what is wrong with culture lets focus on the good and maybe….just maybe….the positive will overpower the negative.

This isn’t a post about me being right but more so a post of just a thought that I wanted to share. No worries though, I’m sure one day I will speak on the negative, but today is not that day!!!!

Almost Done

I know! I’ve been slack on my postings as of lately but fear not I am still here. I’m still finishing up the album…well, I should say that I want to be finished with the album, but one of the producers is telling me to do the last two songs before I call it quits.

So, I guess tonight I will have to redo the last two songs so that I can add them to the album. The funny thing about these last two songs is one I wrote over 15 years ago. The other I wrote about 11 years ago.

What’s funny about that?

Both of these songs were ahead of their time in the sense that I was never aware that they would apply to my life now. At the time I was just dealing with issues that made me feel as if I were a man at that stage in my life. Now that I’m older I realize that I wasn’t fully a man by any means but I was smart enough to understand that what I was dealing with was making a man out of me.

Anyways, I just thought I’d share because I am ready to start blogging about this album so I can explain why it is so important to me!!!

That’s all for now!!

Stay up…


Beast Mode

What’s up world!!! I’ve been out of the blogosphere for a couple of days and I’m not too thrilled to admit that. I can say I have been busy finalizing my album so I was doing something.

Anyways, the project is coming along better than I originally expected. In all honesty I was done with it until I really gave it a good listen. After soaking it all in I realized it wasn’t finished.

I feel that way because the album really took on its own persona and inspired me to finish what I started. Had I just left it the way it was I wouldn’t have been happy in the long run because there is a theme to what I had so far.

I played with different ideas and when I really accepted the fact that this project is really an embodiment of life itself , I realized it wasn’t finished. I saw that I needed to add a few more songs and really take it to the next level. I needed to make sure this album speaks how I’m really feeling right now in my life. I know it will be appreciated by those who can relate to the struggle of finding yourself and becoming a man.

And there you have it. I am back in the studio on beast mode trying to add a few more tracks to make this my best work to date!!

I think it is at this point!!!