Life is Good

What’s good world?

My weekend was fairly good I got the chance to bang out a couple of tracks that I’ll be submitting to DJ Bless for his up and coming project. Thankfully my mixer finally came back to life….or should I say I figured out what was wrong with the power supply!

This week will also be a milestone as far as progress goes. The official release of my song “The Past” will be hitting the net. This marks the first recording that I’ve released to make it to iTunes God willing. I can’t wait to see what comes of it!!!

It’s been a long road but I kept moving forward so I think it’s well worth all the effort. I no longer have time to play games so it is strictly business from here on out. Other than that life is good… is good!!!

Stay up,


Four Flat Tires

What up world. I hope these words find you in peace wherever you are. Not much has changed on my end except a new song. One that I really feel good about. For the time being I guess I’ll throw the soundcloud link up.

Here are the lyrics…..

As pretty as the plains…on an African terrain
I write a song For an angel with broken wings
Before times my people saw the shore line
Of their home land for last time before I’m
caught frontin I’ll put a slug thru my muffin
I take what I was bred for its nothing
true champ Like the camp backing Tyson
Accustomed to the motto come clash with a Titan
Wrote alone and swore to the bone
I could hold it on my own…but like I said I’m alone!!!!
You should fear what Ern kicked in my ear
Bout being better men damn near shed a tear
get it clear we here for a reason
I write with God in mind…never guilty of treason
I ain’t perfect…but I am when I’m writing
And so is this shit when the fams beside him
mind state elevated… dawg ain’t never made it to see 21
Or how we repped where we from
Illsun …..he said don’t ever stop it
You’re the leader make niggas drop shit!!!
Oh dare I tell..I felt like I failed
Afraid to dissapoint you ima bring back the real
fans want it and I felt that they need it
Sop top hip hip to B.J.P. shit

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