New Year No Resolutions

People have a strange way of thinking the feeling of something new will remain for some time. With the beginning of a new year people promise to do this and that and usually fall short of many of the goals they have set for themselves.

I’ve never been one to create resolutions because I know I backslide and I have no problem with being honest. Considering how last year was I’m already on a better path to doing what I enjoy doing most……whatever that may be!

Life is full of surprises, stepping stones, and mile stones so I’ve grown use to that. Just know this much….

I had to take a break and figure some things out. I had to evaluate some relationships I had and learn to let them go because they were no good to my well being. No good for my growth.

That’s the harsh reality of the world….nothing last forever so to hell with it.

This is a new me….a side very few people see. The true me.

So with that being said here’s to life and a new year with no resolutions.

Stay up….



Wattup world!!!!

So Adrien Broner lost his fight this weekend and I for one knew sooner or later it was inevitable considering he thinks so highly of himself. Time and time again we are reminded of the reason that we should always seek humbleness as our number one attribute.

You never lose with humbleness!!!

Even when you do lose everyone still cheers you on because in their eyes you’re still a winner. You gave it your all and tried your best. At the end of the day that’s all you can do.

On the other hand, there is Beyonce, who just released an album with no warning. Some praise her while others find something wrong with anything you do. No matter what your intentions are some people are never satisfied with them.

I’m no gigantic Beyonce fan but I do love some of her music and I recognize her talent. I do understand that she has something to say and prove and as she grows and changes so do the things she’s trying to prove.

Now people’s issues with her is that she is no longer humble and her attribute as a role model is in question.


Well they say she is starting to create music and videos that is a little too sex oriented. She is supposed to be showing younger women class and not ass.

What’s my point?

Well, Bey is very humble in my opinion and still being humble doesn’t help her in this case. It does however, gives people a sense of reasoning to defend her regardless to whatever you say because people realize that she talks through her gift not with her mouth.

It’s a fact, people love to love you when you allow them to love you. When you try to force them to love you and tell them why you should love them they begin to dislike you.

Just my thoughts folks….just my thoughts!!!!

Keep Mashing

Life is a funny thing! The complexities of others and understanding them combined with the obstacles we must face daily make life very interesting.

Choices, decisions, gains and losses all amount to making us better at the end of the road. Embracing the changes that result from all these things make us stronger as well as more complete.

Fear not….just keep ya head up and mash the gas on them!!!!

You have dreams to chase….no time to waste!!!

Ya dig!!!!

Stay up!!!


Peace Is Always the Best Choice!!!

Learning to be completely free from all negativity seems to be something that will never truly be a reality. It’s inevitable!!!!

So all we can do as people is try your best to handle the situation properly. You must be able to predict that ultimately the issue at hand is going to end up causing more of a problem than a solution. You must be willing to sacrifice something to in order to gain your goal with as little resistance as possible.

This is a teaching of war as well as life. If you aren’t prepared for a fight it is best to avoid it completely. If you are ready for war you still may wish to reserve your fight for another day.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. As I have grown older I find it wise to keep peace alive and defuse the attitude of negativity because you never completely gain. You will lose something!!! Whatever that may be….the question is…..

Was it worth it!!!

Moving Along

Clear your head from time to time. Clean out all the things that cause confusion in your life.

I may have failed before and I may fail again….but now I know what to do and what not to do. I’ve realized that I’ve gained more than I lost and now it’s time to move forward in life.

Yep!!!! Today’s my birthday!!!!

I feel renewed….

And the kid has bigs plans!!!!

Love Movement

Love is a peculiar word. It’s intent is to strengthen the bond between people and promote a peaceful outlook in life in general. Some may say it is an action that shows the highest level of understanding between two people.
All I know for certain is it is something people shy away from even though the feeling itself should bring you all the happiness in the world.

Funny thing about it is that people associate the word with things that will never give them love in return. If You tell someone that you love them watch their reaction. Either they understand or they don’t. Some may go as far as to say they don’t use the word loosely because it mean so much that you shouldn’t use it unless you mean it.

Well, here’s a question. Do you not like to be told you are loved? Or, is it that it should only be used in certain instances. Either way analyzing it from perspective, if you feel the word is being used loosely think to yourself about all the times you used it. If you say things like, I love my car, or my shirt, or my sneakers, or my hair, my nails, my house, or my job and you feel too insecure to share those thoughts with friends or family……….

I’m just going to throw it out there… have issues!!! That’s what’s wrong with the world today!!! People are scared to love!!!!

It’s all love!!!!

“Every little thing gonna be all right” (Bob Marley)

Staying focused is the key to succeeding at accomplishing goals. Sometimes things can get in your way and get you completely off track. It’s at these times that either you pick up and get back to doing what you set off to achieve or you continue going down a path that ultimately takes you to a dead end.

It’s far better to realize that you are off track as soon as possible than to ignore the signs because sometimes retracing steps can add more strain to your success. You never want to be so far gone that it is pointless to get back to your original point of going astray.

Destiny knows what it’s doing so let her do her job. Just enjoy the ride and all things work themselves out. The road to success isn’t always smooth so just be ready for the rough areas and everything will be alright!!!


God didn’t design me to break! Well….he designed me to be broken but he gave me the gift to heal. He gave me the ability to be whole again!

Through life’s lessons I realize that it never really is about what your going through. We have all heard the old saying that someone somewhere is in a worse position than you are in life!!!

It is wise to remember this teaching to gain an understanding of how life works.

It doesn’t matter what you go through. All that matters is how you deal with it and how you bounce back. The problem is never the issue. The issue is where will you be when your problem is no longer a road block.

When the skies clear and the sun comes back out to shine your way will you be in a better position or will you be in the same place you were before the storm? Will you need to learn the lessons again or do you get it the first time?

I’m learning!!!


I know I’m better now than I have ever been. I know I am more ready than I have ever been. I know I still have room for growth but I’m confident that everything I now know is to be applied for the sake of my life in the future.

Regardless to what may come my way I know I wasn’t made to stay broken. I was made to break and heal. Unlike bones every time I’m broken….I heal and become stronger.

Life is life!!! Live it and love it!!!