New Outlook


What’s up world? Where I am it’s one of those depressing days without sunshine and clouds as far as the eyes can see. The slight breeze is pretty good though but it is still a gloomy day nonetheless.

I got out this weekend to check out some of my musical family at “The Rhythm at the River” which is a showcase of bands by the river that locals retreat to float downstream. I have often thought about drifting in that water relaxing in tube sipping a brew or two until I think about the snakes that also frequent the river. I’ll pass!!!!

Anyways the group that I went to check out is called the Mobros and they are pretty soulful. They are true to the heart musicians who have recently decided to dive deep into music and let go of all other avenues of a career in anything else. They are very talented and considering they are only a three piece band the sounds that they create are pretty big.

I had to pass on heading out of town with them to see their show in Myrtle Beach. I guess that’s the drawback to having a dog to take care of. I wish I could’ve gone but no worries I have work to do and being there wouldn’t have helped my progress with my own music.

As far as my music goes I have been doing more research lately concerning getting your music out there. I remember DJ Premier saying that he doesn’t have time to just sit and work on making music. When you want some of his work he makes it on the spot. I’m beginning to see why.

It’s more lucrative to find connections versus just working on music. Without knowing who to talk to for your work your work just sits. I guess that’s why they say the industry is 95 percent business and 5 percent music. Nurturing your connects seems to be the main goal in furthering your career and from what I read that means a lot of conversing whether through emails or phone calls, it all coincides.

So I’ve got a lot of work to do!!! One step at a time is what I was always told, so in the words of Martin Lawrence, “Get to stepping”. Until my next post stay up and keep grinding at whatever you do!!!

The life


After a hard morning at work I felt I needed to get out. There’s not a whole lot going on where I am. Which is all the more reason to grind it out ……majorly.

Anyways, after doing manly duties I washed the car for the first time in a while, at least since last fall!! Needless to say I feel somewhat empowered by doing something. Regardless to what that something is….do it. Occupy your mind …….to hell with wall street!!! Ha ha!!!!!

So I treated myself to a reward for working hard all day and decided to stop by and see my dudes on the come up. The Mobros….check for them they have some videos out and I guess I should be posting them to help the lazy people.

Who knows maybe I’ll do that tomorrow…until then I’ll be finishing my drink and listening to the soulful sound of the Mobros.

Toast….wherever you are!!!!