I’m Just Doing My Job…Nothing Special

I was told I was special due to the wonderful gift of creating music to which I humbly declined in acceptance.

I’m not special for doing something that is hardwired in my DNA. My pops is good at making music as his father before him. Simply put….I had the tools and the inspiration to create music from birth. Maybe, the life I was given was a special one….

I’ll accept that!!!

However….what I do doesn’t make me special. There are millions of artist out here in the world that offer a look into the mind of an observer who interprets life and gives back my sharing their outlook.

Maybe some songs I create are special…..I’ll accept that!!!

But me as an individual, I don’t feel anymore special than the next person. I’m here for a reason as we all are….maybe the reason I’m here is special!!!


Not me!!!

I’m just doing my job!!!


You grow and you learn.

Learn to tell the difference in people who are for you and those that are against you.

Some folks will say they love you then show you that they are very capable of mustering words of hate.

Never let the thoughts of others impact the greatness that is in you.

How you feel about what you are and what you do should always signify a life of meaning and purpose!!!



Everyday is a new day!!!

So what shall we accomplish today?

Be better than you were yesterday. Be more helpful than you were yesterday. Give a little more love today….

Whatever you do don’t give into the idea that everyday is a continuation of yesterday.

No, today is a new day!!!

Go Hard

Life is tough!!!! So grow tough skin and learn to laugh it off. I’ve never heard anyone say that it’s easy but I often times heard you must work hard.


That’s easy….you see life is hard and the only way to remain ahead of many of the hardships you must deal with is to stay focused and see into the future.

It isn’t easy….that’s why you have to go hard!!!



Focus is the main priority in any goal that we set for ourselves. We must learn to be like a tiger in the jungle in order to accomplish a successful hunt.

Every move is methodic and necessary to achieve success. From the tracking and trailing the prey to setting yourself up for the best position to attack. It’s all relative and done in a proper order because….well…we have made the mistake of doing something out of order or without calculation and the end result was negative.

Stay focused…be like a tiger on the hunt!!!

Keep It Miving

Motivation is all you need to excel in any endeavor. While others aren’t so busy if you find the strength to go the extra mile you inevitably place yourself ahead of the crowd.


Everyday you have a chance to outdo your previous attempts at success and greatness. Never settle for less in this thing we call life. Had you settled for not striving to gain that extra mile you awaken amongst the many others who chose to rest instead of pushing on.

That decision ultimately doesn’t make you stand out…..

The choice is yours!!!!

Keep Pushing

Man!!!!! I’m tired but…..

You have to push through to get where you want to be regardless of what could hold you back. How you feel at the moment of the struggle doesn’t compare to how you will feel when you reach your goal. What you lose while you’re striving is all worth it when you gain as you achieve.

Keep pushing forward!!!!

Stay up…..Peace!!!

Plan to Succeed

Be prepared to face the future by working hard today. There is nothing you can do about yesterday except learn from it and grow to make the most of today.

Success comes from opportunity and the only way to to ensure success is by being able to utilize that opportunity. Stay focused and pay the small things that break your concentration no mind. Life is not meant for you to fail so plan to succeed and you will.

It’s Yours

Sometimes sleeping isn’t an option. Not when you are chasing your dream. As much as I would love to, I don’t think I will. Not today anyways!!!!

I’ve got a clear head and I’m focused on more than one thing at the moment……getting what’s mine.

I’ve tried to make some things mine but I’ve found when you try to make things yours it doesn’t become a reality. What’s meant for you is meant for you and no matter how much you run from it you can’t. You can’t try to get what’s yours because it is already yours.

Just go get it!!!!

Stay up!!!!