Sound Bombing

I know I’ve been out of the blogosphere for quite a bit of time now….only posting here and there! What can I say…I’ve been busy.

Anyways, let me share a story with you!

Lately, I’ve been spinning music and practicing mixes. That’s all I’ve been doing!!! Not writing lyrics, not making beats, not recording…….just spinning music.

So I get the bright idea of wanting to spin music at my friends wife for her birthday. Bad move!!!!! I told him I’d do it for free on the strength that this is my man and his wife always welcomes me to their home.

Now I say bad move because I know the music my homeboy likes and that ain’t the music I groove to. However I was thinking more along the lines of…..playing music for the wife and her friends.

Now this is a classic example of not being prepared to go in any direction. I set myself up for this one.

It didn’t take long to size up the situation and see the guys wasn’t feeling the mix. There were two dudes who seemed to vibe to it. So much so, I’d occasionally look up and see one dude jamming and dancing while texting and the other guy stood there and bobbed back and forth.

The other fellows peeled out and left me to say uh oh….

I’m going downhill.

Now, all things considered…this is a cookout!!! Not one lady was outside. Nope, not one!!! They were all inside and all the guys were outside telling me to get it crunk!!!

Occasionally, one or two females would come out and listen to me mix a couple of songs and then head back in with the other women. All this time I’m thinking…..

Why ain’t you dudes talking to these women?

Why bother me when I’m mixing?

One of the guys comes up with the idea of playing his Pandora account after asking me to play some Rich Homie Quan. It’s at that moment I give in with the understanding that I really don’t listen to that kind of music. If I don’t listen to it….I definitely don’t play it.

Sounds selfish….right?

I know…..but I spin what I like.

Now, at this point I’ve got guys trying to see how to work my equipment to spin what they want to hear. So I’m getting in my mood because y’all are interrupting me and touching things that none of you paid for.

I head back to the crib to get a line so folks could play their phones through my system. I really could care less at this point because I’m ready to grab my plate and eat. I’m not getting paid for this….I’m doing this as a favor.

Long story short, they play the five or so songs they want to hear then they either get a call, make a call, or run out of songs they want to hear.

Here’s where it gets very funny!!!

I start socializing with the ladies…a lot are married so it wasn’t even a thing of trying to holler at any of them. I’m just chilling…being the anti-socialite that I am….minding my business when one by one they start coming over to me asking…..

“Weren’t you DJing?”

I say, “Yes!!!”

They say, “What happened?”

I say, “The guys didn’t like what I was playing so I let them play what they wanted to hear!!”

They say, “You were playing good music though!!!”


I’ve now bombed my first gig ever. Not a great feeling but I could care less because it happens. You take the good with the bad and learn something.

I learned two things….

1. Always have all types of music available. ( Which I won’t because I’m hard headed and focused on reaching the audience that appreciates the music I spin.)

2. Learn that it’s cool to turn down opportunities that won’t get you any closer to your goal.

It was cool to be given the opportunity but this event was one I should’ve passed on. Not because I couldn’t rock it because I could’ve, but simply because I don’t rock like that. I just don’t!!!

I’ve attended many cookouts, parties, and clubs and have had to stomach listening to music I don’t like. However, when you factor in women, food, and alcohol into the equation I really don’t focus on the music.

The DJ does his thing and I wait patiently until he plays something I like. When he does that I enjoy the moment until it’s over. The one thing I don’t do is bother the DJ out of respect.

This was a classic example of why you don’t bother the DJ thinking you can do a better job. If you don’t DJ you don’t understand you have got to play music for hours not just 15 minutes and that’s why a DJ is DJing and you aren’t.

If you don’t like the mix…you don’t have to listen but definitely don’t stop him from doing what he’s prepared to do to try to do something you aren’t capable of.

Your music is limited that’s why you don’t DJ my friend! Did I mention I did this for free!!!!

It’s all good though!!!

The Abstract and The Dragon Mixtape


Well, well, well!!! I woke up this morning and discovered that the world had dropped upon us something special. Something every hip hopper needed to satisfy their hunger for the classical palate of a listener who is devout to the culture. Low and behold Kamal and Busta give us this Mixtape entitled "The Abstract and The Dragon"

First off, I know Tip goes by Kamal now but I know him as Q-tip so that's what I call him….no disrespect. Anyways, this Mixtape revisits many of the songs these two combined forces on and reminds us of how hip hop used to be. They also feature joints that I had never heard before as well as what seems to be joints they made specifically for this project.

I'm not going to break down the project but I will say it is a good listen. Simply to be reminded of the work these two did and to hear something new that bangs. The new joints they did are pretty amazing in my opinion.

So google it and get it….hell it's free!!


World Affair

What’s good world?

Last night was a draining process of dumping tracks to “World Affair”, the latest song I’ve been working on. I’ll be the first to admit if you don’t get proper rest, forget about it.

I struggled transferring the files to Reaper and a couple of them didn’t transfer properly for some reason are another. I was too tired to even begin to try to figure out what the issue was so I just saved the project as is.

My game plan was to at least start dropping vocals and see if the song was heading the right direction.

That wasn’t happening!!!!

So today I’ll finish what I started and honestly…..

I can’t wait!!!

Dat all…

I’m out!!!

Never Stop

The transition of finding a new you is very enlightening as well as difficult. I’m sure it’s well worth the struggle in a sense of what you gain when the transformation is complete. It’s just the moment that you are in the transformation that sometimes leaves you stuck and second guessing your direction.

So much is happening so fast for me right now that it’s hard to keep the momentum going when you start to burn out. It’s at that moment you realize….wait a minute….I got more left in the tank!!!!

Never stop!!!!

Brand New Heavies – Never Stop

there ain’t a minute in the day that’s without you…..

hoping that you feel it too!!!
What u want?
What you’re feeling I am feeling too!!!!”

Sing it N’Dea…..I love this song to death!!!

Jay Z #NewRules


What’s up world!!!

Right now the talk of the town is Jay-Z and his Samsung deal. Does it actually count as sales recognized by Billboard? Does that mean it’s already platinum? Why’s he choosing to release it after Kanyeezy and J. Cole? Who knows. Who cares? The one thing I do know is the manner in which he’s getting his album out there is genius.

Jay-Z has done some of the best feats ever when it comes to playing in the game of commercial hip hop. Often times when artist make it into the big leagues and gain mass appeal some of the fans who followed from the beginning begin to turn their ears away. Shall I Just say…….maybe because they are successful? Nah….I can’t really say that. I’m thinking it has to be an issue of what comes with success in terms of growth from an artist.

In order to keep gaining fans you have to keep changing your approach. If you are comfortable with the fans you have then you continue the same approach. In order for people who have never heard of you to hear your work you have to meet them in their world. You have to make it easier for them to gain access to you. Every artist does it. If they don’t they limit their success. The issue is how they change, or maybe they didn’t change the same way some of their fans did as they grew. It’s inevitable an artist will lose a halfway fan or a fan of some of your songs. The fans who are true continue to be fans even when an artist drops a dud.

In the beginning, we usually pull for the new guy if he’s delivering what we want to hear. When we start to like that artist we start looking for more of their work. Once you are familiar with their work you begin to set a standard for their work. Here’s where it goes left field.

Once that artist does anything you don’t expect you give that artist what calls the Shaq face!!!!


I learned to not expect anything these days!!! One, it might be that I am an artist also and two you just shouldn’t expect anything!! Jay-Z in my book has always been consistent with doing his thing. He’s always rapped about money and never changed that. Some people like it others don’t. He’s made some sub par albums when you compare them to some of his others but he still manages to give you six guaranteed dope tracks. Mix that with another couple of joints that ride and……. Boom…..subpar is still pretty fly. Still some people don’t like the Jiggaman…ya heard!!!

Cool, you can knock him for his music and content (if you so choose to) but, you can’t knock his hustle!!!!


Any artist nowadays has to find a way to get their music heard and also be compensated for their hard work in order to move on to bigger and better things. It should be of no concern to play by the rules of standard when you can control your own product. Aside from getting money up front, he has also managed to create a great way of softening the blow from piracy. Without a doubt it will be pirated, but he’s creating another way to gain fans and more support from those who are privileged enough to have Samsung and be eligible for the free download. I’m no Samsung guy but my friend is so I will be at his house immediately to hear it….yep!!!!

I don’t want to get into specifics because I’d much rather individuals to see it how they see it under their own microscope, but it’s genius. Ultimately, that’s every artists goal!!! To get your music out there to people who will appreciate it by any means necessary. Everybody is talking about it so it is already doing good off the strength of the publicity and the feedback concerning album sales! The marketing of #Newrules will have it all over social feeds so that’s a win. Some fans will get it free because it has already been paid for…meh….you can’t lose there. What more can you say?

Except….he’s getting paid for his music!!!! Period!!!!

His goal once you look at the bigger picture is to move one million units minimum. Profit wise he’s already beating the business of selling music while cutting out the middle man and moving one million units. Even if it gets pirated he has still managed to get money on one million units. Isn’t that what every artist wants? Yeah, they all do. They may not say it….but deep down….every artist would love to say… I sold one million units and one million people got my music!!!