My Album


Sequencing this album has been a very frustrating and tedious process. Trying to make everything perfect takes a lot of time.

A couple of the producers on this album are already asking me what’s good with my next project but quite honestly, I just want to chill after this one is done. I have other plans to fulfill before I can even begin to focus on the next project and some of those plans involve really working this project.

Just for starters, this album marks crucial points in my life and now that I have used those emotions to fuel this work of art I think I need to experience life before I can go on to the next one. I have nothing left in my think tank at the moment.

After all, I have been locked inside my house not socializing at all for the past two years trying to find a way to give this to world. I’m almost done!!!

Just not quite yet!!!


What’s up world!!! The album is finished finally!!! I decided to scrap two more songs and just leave it as it is making it a twelve song album.

I realized that I was done with the idea for the album. In other words, everything that fueled that album emotionally had run out. That particular part of my life is done and I’ve come to grips with the issues that inspired me at the point in my life.

All in all, I feel it’s a good listen and an honest attempt to capture the plight of a young man transitioning into a more mature and experienced individual. The album has high and low points which to me, defines that particular part of finding yourself in life. It isn’t easy, and neither was putting this album together!!!!

So now it’s on to the second phase of this album as well as my plans for the future.

Stay up!!!!