Get a Life

It’s been a minute since my last post and I know I need to do better but I needed a break. I needed a little time to let the brain marinate….if you will!!!!!
A little time to ponder and gather my thoughts to see if I’m living in a fantasy or the real world.

Don’t think that I have an answer because I don’t. Maybe it was just wasted time ….who knows?
whatever the answer it felt good doing absolutely nothing.

Through it all the one thing I did learn is I have to get my ass out of the studio. I love it but it has become a creative prison for me. It’s all I have ever done for the past twenty years and it doesn’t exactly give you much of a social life.

No worries..,,that’s about to change!!!!

Mixing!!!! (What else is new)

What’s goody world!!!

I’ve been busy putting in work on the beat project. I’m pleased with the line up so I feel good!!! At the moment I’m rendering the songs that are going to be featured.

Soon as this is done I gotta submit the next release to Bless.

Busy dude!!! Even after that I got beat submissions to work on….more on that later.

I’m out…..going to watch the Mayweather fight with my folk!!

Nothing Much

Time to step it up and apply more pressure. I have a lot going on this weekend. Should everything go as planned I will be recording music with my pops which is long overdue. I also have my partner in rhyme, Swig, coming through. I managed to talk him into getting back in the studio. So more music is on the way.

Nothing Much

I’ve been very busy as of lately, finding a feeling of reassurance and confidence that has seemed to escape me for quite some time. Between hitting the road and putting in work I’ve come to realize staying busy has eased my mind of a whole lot tension.

Life is good!

Well, that’s about all. It’s 6:35 in the morning and I woke up around 4:30 a.m. and started working on mixing my latest beat. I’m still a little zapped at the moment from lack of sleep so I’ll be catching a quick nap before I start working again.