Promo Campaign

What up world! I haven’t even been on my blog game like I should be but life is life and sometimes you just have to take a break. Everything is cool I’m just needing to see what direction things are heading.

I’ve been busy recording and refining my engineering skills on Reaper. I needed the practice because now I’ve got a deadline to meet by November 13th. The company I run with, Never So Deep, is wanting to run a promo campaign and I have to come up with five songs. Which really isn’t that bad because I know I can do that with ease.

Tonight I’ll be knocking out the first song…..

It’s called World Affair….

That’s all for now….

Stay up!!!


Almost Done

I know! I’ve been slack on my postings as of lately but fear not I am still here. I’m still finishing up the album…well, I should say that I want to be finished with the album, but one of the producers is telling me to do the last two songs before I call it quits.

So, I guess tonight I will have to redo the last two songs so that I can add them to the album. The funny thing about these last two songs is one I wrote over 15 years ago. The other I wrote about 11 years ago.

What’s funny about that?

Both of these songs were ahead of their time in the sense that I was never aware that they would apply to my life now. At the time I was just dealing with issues that made me feel as if I were a man at that stage in my life. Now that I’m older I realize that I wasn’t fully a man by any means but I was smart enough to understand that what I was dealing with was making a man out of me.

Anyways, I just thought I’d share because I am ready to start blogging about this album so I can explain why it is so important to me!!!

That’s all for now!!

Stay up…


Beast Mode

What’s up world!!! I’ve been out of the blogosphere for a couple of days and I’m not too thrilled to admit that. I can say I have been busy finalizing my album so I was doing something.

Anyways, the project is coming along better than I originally expected. In all honesty I was done with it until I really gave it a good listen. After soaking it all in I realized it wasn’t finished.

I feel that way because the album really took on its own persona and inspired me to finish what I started. Had I just left it the way it was I wouldn’t have been happy in the long run because there is a theme to what I had so far.

I played with different ideas and when I really accepted the fact that this project is really an embodiment of life itself , I realized it wasn’t finished. I saw that I needed to add a few more songs and really take it to the next level. I needed to make sure this album speaks how I’m really feeling right now in my life. I know it will be appreciated by those who can relate to the struggle of finding yourself and becoming a man.

And there you have it. I am back in the studio on beast mode trying to add a few more tracks to make this my best work to date!!

I think it is at this point!!!

Studio Life


Hella busy, hella tired!!! I’m working on it full steam ahead. They say the only way to play is hard (pause) or go home. Well, we are here to play!!!

My dude Al One came back through to the studio to lay down his pilot verse. He seems to be enjoying getting back into music mode. I told him how his coming through has really made an impression on Un which is much needed to get the ball rolling even faster.

Not to mention, having these guys come by is therapeutic for me because at the moment my emotions are a little worked up. It’s nice to be able to focus my attention on something positive until I’ve completely come to grips with the BS.

Tonight may be the first time I actually get good rest all this week. My crew has me working my brain trying to make sure I can achieve the goal at hand. I don’t have time to make any mistakes!

Like I said I’m going to be a busy man this year. Oh, I almost forgot I also have a leak for y’all to get! I’m guessing a little later today it should be on the net. I will keep those interested in it in the loop to find it. No worries!!!!


Jibber Jabber

What’s goody world? Checking back in after Super Bowl Sunday, which might I add was a little….meh! Of course neither team is a personal favorite of mine so I didn’t really care one way or the next but I did like San Fran trying to come back in the second half. My main issue was the commercials……they can’t make them like they used to.

Anyways, I’ve decided to scrap the weekly release idea because I already have to much on my plate as it is. I felt it was a great idea but with no one to help email it out or promote it online it may become more of a hindrance than anything else. If I can ever get a team going I am sure I’ll pick it back up, but for now I have projects to be more concerned with.

On another note I got a surprise coming today. My dude Al One is sliding through to drop a verse on a track. This year is looking pretty good if I must say so myself!!!

It’s All Love


Pretty nice day today! Yesterday was full of tornado warnings, thunderstorms, and wind!!! Feels great today. Not to mention it is always dope to know when people are rocking out to your music.


These guys are like family to me. Jay’s project has been one of the most remarkable projects I ever had the chance to produce. In all honesty though, each project is like a child to me so I love them all equally. Each one is special in it’s own way.

However Jay’s project is the project that introduced me to producing and writing songs for an R&B artist!!!!!


Just got the word that my partner in crime Miss Jay is on the way to South Carolina. Perfect timing because I need a female to sing on two joints anyway!!!!

The two songs are called “Black Powder” and “Carbon Copies”….just to give some insight on my recording process. These particular two songs come from two different projects which at the time remain nameless.

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to seeing my partner and putting her to work!!!

Politics as Usual


Have you ever had the “blah” feeling. Almost like you know today isn’t going to go great! Not that it’s going to be horrible, it just won’t be great.

Well, my guess is if you know it’s not going to be great you have to make the most of it. I’m not complaining but the weather has that control over me. It’s cold, no sunshine, overcast, and rain. That’s all I need to feel like I should’ve just stayed asleep for the day. I guess that wouldn’t accomplish much though so I’ll give thanks that I have things to do to keep me motivated!


Tonight, if God wills, I’ll be catching up with a couple of my music comrades to check out this event. It’s been a minute since I’ve been out networking seeing as I am pretty anti social. I know that is weird coming from someone who gets on stage to do shows but you would be surprised at how shy some artists really

Regardless, I need to get out and start getting back in the loop for setting up shows and finding my market again. I know our support system around my area is a pretty small circle so I just need to plug back into it and everything else will work its way out. Not to mention the same crowd that frequents these kind of events would also be likely prospects to attend the Dj events that I’m looking to put together.

Like I said in earlier posts…..this is starting to be a busy time for me. Like my dude DJ June told me….just stay focused and don’t let up!!!!

New Album?


Amazingly, I am almost finished with a new album. What’s crazy is not too long ago I was talking to my dude about not putting an album together and just leaking songs as they were finished. I have managed to leak a few and receive good feedback but I would have never guessed that I was already sitting on a project.

I mean, I had to dig through the vaults a little to find songs that were on the same page with me mentally at this point in my life. Oddly enough, songs that I wrote some odd years back were kind of ahead of their time. I would’ve never guessed that those particular songs would describe my emotions at this point in time, but they do!

It’s funny though, that no matter what I have to rerecord all of these songs over again since my track machine is on some BS. I have no choice but say it is cool because I have no choice. All that is gonna do for me is make my delivery that much better when I do start the process all over again.

Before I speak to much on it I’ll just say after adding all the songs that make sense to the overall idea of an album I have a total of a strong 14 joints….uuuunnnhh (c) Master P!!!!!

The focus

What’s hood world. Today I’m in chill mode just fumbling through my thoughts. I got a lot only mind but it’s nothing harmful. Today’s a pretty good day….suns out and it’s cool!!!

What more could you ask for…oh I guess I should mention I threw it back today and decided to bump Maxwell’s “Urban Hang Suite”….actually listening to it while I post this from the phone.

I hollered at Biggs Nevada and everything is still groovy. We had a talk and he’s decided to really sink into the album verses just being a rapper rapping. That’s what separates some artists projects from others. You gotta be a part of the music you make, don’t just make it. Focus!

What’s so special about what you make?

For me I put together my work like it’s a chapter in my life and I find that when you approach anything like that, it takes on a new meaning. Not just to you….but the world as well! You gotta give it everything you got and whatever it is you’re giving has to be everything you have…redundant…. I know….. But that’s how it works. Focus!

I fallow producer Illmind on twitter and he posted a couple of tweets that sum up what it takes to make your dream reality. Most of us already know it and it’s self explanatory but the key to it all is is having the confidence in knowing that you can do it. As long as you are confident you know eventually the sun while shine through. You know even when you’re failing that you really aren’t…’re just not succeeding. What’s the difference?

Atleast with confidence you know you’re still confident that you will do what you are capable of. During the trial of failure you just may be doing something wrong, that’s something you can fix by acknowledging you’re doing something wrong and changing you’re path to the correct one. Without confidence you fail simply because you have given up on yourself….u get it. Focus!!!!

I know I am….that’s why this project is gonna bang…mark my words! I’ma holla back at ya…until the next post…peace and blessings!

Now Check out Maxwell!!!!!