I must confess I’m disappointing myself for not staying on my blogging as I should but this is life!!! Right?

Anyways, I released a song that I produced for Swig yesterday and so far we’ve gotten nothing but love from those who listened to it. I know he’s amped by all of the attention he’s getting from folks he knows personally but had no idea that he even made music.

How’s that for inspiration?

It’s still a ton of work to get done and time hasn’t been on my side but the beat project is done. Now it’s on to phase two for him and I get to go back to phase one and see what else I can cook up!!!

Stay tuned!!!


Ain’t Nothing

Been low key for a hot second. Not really much to speak about other than heading outta town to work in a couple of studios down in Atlanta. It’s very exhausting to say the least but it is a new realm for me so I enjoy it.

I’ve never been great at networking and that’s something I need to improve on. I’ve just never been that much of a people person in the last ten years of my life. I’m a studio rat….I belong in the studio working on tracks…..not really mingling with folks.

On another note my dude from back in the day….Swig….came through and dusted off two tracks. Might I add that two of these were to be featured on my beat project that I’m planning on releasing. Ahhhhh, the irony of stacking beats and letting ya folk hear them!!!!! Anyways, I still may throw them on the beat project……..

Til the next one folks!!!!

I’m out….I gotta finish working on the project so that’s where I’m at with it. Back to work I go!!!!