New Year No Resolutions

People have a strange way of thinking the feeling of something new will remain for some time. With the beginning of a new year people promise to do this and that and usually fall short of many of the goals they have set for themselves.

I’ve never been one to create resolutions because I know I backslide and I have no problem with being honest. Considering how last year was I’m already on a better path to doing what I enjoy doing most……whatever that may be!

Life is full of surprises, stepping stones, and mile stones so I’ve grown use to that. Just know this much….

I had to take a break and figure some things out. I had to evaluate some relationships I had and learn to let them go because they were no good to my well being. No good for my growth.

That’s the harsh reality of the world….nothing last forever so to hell with it.

This is a new me….a side very few people see. The true me.

So with that being said here’s to life and a new year with no resolutions.

Stay up….



Man it’s been a long time since my last post. Undoubtedly, I am a tad bit disappointed in my consistency, but with so much going on since the beginning of this year I had to take a break and just reflect.

I spent a great deal doing some soul searching and figuring out where I wanted to be as an artist. I realized I put a lot of effort into promoting music that I like and really none in myself.

A huge part of that I’m sure is dealing with where music is going and where I am in relation with it all. Most times I feel as if…..ehhhh. No matter!!!!

I guess I gotta just stay consistent!!!

What What!!!


Sometimes you just have to trust your gut and accept things for what they are.

A simple sip of a beer….listening to background music!

I’m in a cool place!!!

Analyzing my life and accomplishments taking stock in what I’ve done!!!

I’ve done a lot!!!!

My bucket list is good because I don’t ask much of myself….


To just give my all in all I do!!! Some people get it others don’t.

Some people love you some people won’t!!!!

It’s all relative!!!!

Like the sun to the planets…
The planets to the moon…
Sing a song for my past
Kings in granite in their tombs



Love Movement

Love is a peculiar word. It’s intent is to strengthen the bond between people and promote a peaceful outlook in life in general. Some may say it is an action that shows the highest level of understanding between two people.
All I know for certain is it is something people shy away from even though the feeling itself should bring you all the happiness in the world.

Funny thing about it is that people associate the word with things that will never give them love in return. If You tell someone that you love them watch their reaction. Either they understand or they don’t. Some may go as far as to say they don’t use the word loosely because it mean so much that you shouldn’t use it unless you mean it.

Well, here’s a question. Do you not like to be told you are loved? Or, is it that it should only be used in certain instances. Either way analyzing it from perspective, if you feel the word is being used loosely think to yourself about all the times you used it. If you say things like, I love my car, or my shirt, or my sneakers, or my hair, my nails, my house, or my job and you feel too insecure to share those thoughts with friends or family……….

I’m just going to throw it out there… have issues!!! That’s what’s wrong with the world today!!! People are scared to love!!!!

It’s all love!!!!


Growth is inevitable to all things that share this great gift called life. Even lifeless elements are subject to change. It’s just a natural part of life that we all have to deal with.

For me this change came suddenly when I realized a couple of things. The first is where I wanted to be in life in the future. The second was where I am at the current moment. Once I aligned the two together I saw clearly some things that I had turned a blind eye to for years and I concluded that I had an issue to address. So I did!!!!

Learning to be comfortable in your own skin requires years of growth and understanding yourself. Whenever you learn to do so other people’s opinions no longer matter. Trust me, I’ve been called all sorts of names and given all sorts of attributes by people I have known because I am comfortable being me.

When you grow in this manner you may find it necessary to also let go of certain things. It’s all a process that becomes clear when you try to align yourself with people who are successful at whatever it is you have set a goal for. It isn’t easy and it never will be. If you don’t try you’ll never know.

With that being said I’ve decided to partner up with someone who has been trying to work with me for a while now. I’ll give credit where credit is due….he has accomplished more than I have so that is a good start. I know one things for sure……failure has never been an option. If you find yourself amongst people who don’t fully understand how you as an individual functions…..make a change and change your support system!!!

Adios, homeboys!!!!

Learning to Listen

Learn to remain humble! In this life you once knew nothing but began to understand you could learn. You learned to pay attention….and then you learned that you learned something by paying attention.

It’s funny how that works!!!!

In order to pay attention you must learn to listen. When you listen well you understand! When you don’t listen you become confused by what you are pretending to listen to. If you’re confused you find it difficult to understand and you’re less likely to learn.

That is why we are all here on this planet to learn… never think you are above learning something new when someone shares information with you. Learn to be humble and you learn to listen. When you learn to listen you learn to understand.

Funny how that works!!!!

Stay up!!!


Listen and Understand

Learn to appreciate selfless friendships because they are few and far between. Individuality is what makes this world such an interesting place.

Learn to listen to others and their thoughts and when they share their thoughts let them finish before you interrupt. A foolish mind is a mind that believes that their belief is fact. Sometimes if you just listen instead of hastily interrupting you may discover that you are not the only intelligent mind in the world.

The world is full of intellectuals and we are all here to learn the many perspectives of individuality.