Joey Bada$$ Unorthodox Video

Well, time has gone up one hour so I’ve lost a little time but I do gain that extra hour when I get off work. Not to mention its about to be spring again. That time of year when couples meet, people fall in love, and people spend money!!!!<———-(I need that.)

Anyways here's the visuals to Joey Bada$$ and DJ Premier's "Unorthodox" which I featured on my Blog Goblin Vol II mix.

Keep On Keeping On

What’s up world? Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers out there in the world.

I finally got around to shooting some of my scenes for this little promo video. In all honesty I can’t wait to be done with it but I think I need to shoot one more scene before I can really start to edit it.

The whole process of pushing forward gets me excited as well as frustrated. I guess as with anything their are pros and cons. The main thing is just staying focused and accomplishing the goal at hand….so that’s what I’m going to do.