Bizarre of D12

My dude sent me this link and I just died laughing at it. So I’m sharing it with y’all in hopes that you too can laugh…

I wonder if it’s a real song or if he’s just having fun!!!!

Lupe Fiasco- Double Burger With Cheese

Started the day off on a good note by waking up early and cooking my lunch so as to not to have to go to Micky D’s and buy their bullshit double cheeseburger meal.  I’m sure no cow was slain to bring me that meal…ha ha ha.  Anyways I have some true blue hip hop friends and when they find dope music they post it on Facebook.  So I woke up and got a taste of this so to keep the flame going I decided to post it.  Why….because it’s dope, this is my blog, and I can.  Pretty ingenious too if I may add.