Eye Candy



Update it has been speculated that photoshop contributed to this rare occasion of thick thighs. Upon studying this image there is a look of photo shop…I dunno!!!



Blazing Asians Are Amazing!!


I wrote a rhyme one time and it went like this…..

“Shout out, to cuties in B-more
An Asian at the bar, she’s from Singapore
So beautiful, she had bubble lips!
She was banging like Tupac’s double disc!!!!”

Not that this woman is from Singapore, but the bubble lips…..oooooweeee!!!

Eye Candy


Just a little something is all. I am a fond admirer of the beautiful attributes that define women. Skin tone and shapes always seem to be two great ones. No I don’t stare O_O like a madman I just observe!!!! Who can deny her though….whoever she is.