Studio Time


Today is a studio day for me. I’m busy trying to put this beat project together!!!!
Slowly but surely….is the only way to go! The hardest part is the intros as usual. At the moment I’m actually waiting on my leftovers to warm up so I decided to blog while I wait.


Some jizzoints!!!!


More jizzoints!!!!


I’ve been listening to music since 11 this morning. It seems as if this is going to be an all night thing!!!!

Vinyl Head


This album will probably go down in history as one of the most influential musical pieces I ever listened to. I found this record at a pawn shop in my hometown when I first started digging. I never listened to it with great depth until my heart found out how frustrating a break up could be.

Long story short, I used to twist up the medicinals and zone out listening to this album. I am already a pretty emotional person so mixing my feelings with the sounds of this album would really take my mind elsewhere.

Just the sound of the Fender Rhodes made me feel a certain way. It really is one of those albums that is just sonically perfect. It makes you want to get on some sophisticated fly ish! For the record, I’m talking about calling up a cutie and exercising your culinary skills and cooking up some steak and potatoes with some asparagus and onions and top it off with a little wine.


Grown man status ish….you know!!!!

I found the album so significant to me that I had to dub it to cassette so I could ride around with it in the car. It also made me grow in dealing with my emotions hearing the context of the songs. I guess that’s why today there are so many shallow relationships . The music doesn’t promote love anymore. The music of today is based on sex and that is about, it in most cases.

This album laid it all out for me. It made me want to find something special in a lady. It made me want to understand my better half and show her something different. I realize that now and that’s the power of music. Being able to listen to someone else’s struggles in life brings it all back into a perspective that you understand. What it taught me was it’s ok to learn the ins and outs of love and you only learn them by falling in and out of love!

I realize I’m dry snitching on some of my work but oh well, dig for it yourself and find a gem of work. Hell, get on some grown man ish and invite a young lady over and cook her some food and pour her a little wine then play this album and enjoy yourself!!!!!