New Year No Resolutions

People have a strange way of thinking the feeling of something new will remain for some time. With the beginning of a new year people promise to do this and that and usually fall short of many of the goals they have set for themselves.

I’ve never been one to create resolutions because I know I backslide and I have no problem with being honest. Considering how last year was I’m already on a better path to doing what I enjoy doing most……whatever that may be!

Life is full of surprises, stepping stones, and mile stones so I’ve grown use to that. Just know this much….

I had to take a break and figure some things out. I had to evaluate some relationships I had and learn to let them go because they were no good to my well being. No good for my growth.

That’s the harsh reality of the world….nothing last forever so to hell with it.

This is a new me….a side very few people see. The true me.

So with that being said here’s to life and a new year with no resolutions.

Stay up….


Late nights

What’s up world?

You ever felt like your mind was running a million different places at once!!! That’s how I feel at the moment. Nonetheless, I’m working at the moment. Laying down the tracks for the beat project to track it out.

Funny thing is….I can’t track it because I burned my last CD yesterday to ride with it to the Mayweather fight. So what else is new. I’m digging it though!!!

As I sent and listen to it I zone and my wonders so many different places . Just the ability to touch people with music makes me a happier person. I just can’t wait to get the chance…..hopefully.

Hard work, right!!!!

That’s what they say……

……the sacrifices one makes to chase a dream!!!!

Stay up!!!!


Slow Motion is Better Than No Motion!

Studying the nature of the music business can be tricky in some ways but I’m finding progress in making my own path. Long gone are the days of connecting with people in hopes of them helping you push your brand. Today it’s more about making your brand and pushing it until those people want to connect with you.

I’m hard at work staying up late nights gathering information and emailing different blogs and letting them know what they can look for in the near future. I have found that the bigger blogs are too busy to break a new artist. It’s almost like the recording business in the sense that they are too flooded with new submissions to be able to keep up with them all. So my approach as of lately is to go after the smaller blogs with less of a fan base. I’m sure this approach should catapult my marketing to the larger blogs….at-least that’s the plan.

In either case I know I just have to grind it out. For what it’s worth it seems to be working thus far so until it fails this is the route I’m sticking to!!!!

Until my next post…..stay up!!!!